‘BrainDead’ Review: ‘Good Wife’ Creators’ D.C. Satire Delightfully Wacky

BrainDead Review

Let’s be honest, regardless of what side of the spectrum you sit on, this year’s Presidential election has pushed politics to a whole new level of entertainment. With Donald Trump and gang in the race, fact, fiction, comedy and tragedy are all on display out on the campaign trail — as they are in the delightfully wacky BrainDead from Robert King and Michelle King.

Back on CBS less than two months after The Good Wife ended its Emmy-winning run, the Kings’ Congress-set satire about something destroying the brains of the D.C. power elite debuts June 13 full of metaphor and bits of agitprop. The 13-episode Mary Elizabeth Winstead-led series is also full of tax proms, jockeying for power, love across party lines, exploding heads, an old tune from The Cars and, as I say in my video review above, the terrible feeling we all have that something is really wrong in Washington D.C. – ’cause it is here, in a very bloody, alien bug-farting and distinctly non-bipartisan way.

While it may not be to everyone’s taste, the sharp BrainDead really works for me – partially because it is so weird in many ways and partially because of Winstead, who again reveals more of the width and depth of her talent with shining timing here. In BrainDead, the Mercy Street alum plays an idealistic documentary-filmmaker daughter of a political dynasty (hello Alexandra Pelosi) who reenters the family fold in D.C. to help her ambitious senator brother. Add to that an ensemble with strong performances from the likes of Tony Shalhoub and Jan Maxwell as scheming senators and you have a pretty good palate from which to paint the disarray of our political system.

Check out my video review of BrainDead and tell us what you think.

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