‘Captain America: Civil War’s Mark Millar Gives Birth To ‘Reborn’ With DC Comics ‘Batman’ Artist Greg Capullo: Is This The Next Big IP For Hollywood?

Mark Millar Reborn
REX/Shutterstock/Greg Capullo

EXCLUSIVE: Since revamping many of the Marvel characters, the prolific Mark Millar has been creating new comic book franchises that have then been made into movies: Captain America: Civil War, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass and Wanted. Now comes word he is dropping one of his most anticipated comic series after nabbing the talents of DC Comics’ Batman artist Greg Capullo. The property, which has the potential of being another big IP for movie studios and/or the television networks, is titled Reborn.

Co-created by Millar and Capullo, Reborn will be released in October from Millarworld which fully financed the monthly series, which will run over six months. The story follows Bonnie Black, an 80-year-old woman who is afraid to die, but then when she passes she’s shocked to find there is a world beyond our own.

“It’s not Heaven. It’s not Hell,” states the synopsis. “It’s as real and hard as where we live now, but filled with the most amazing fantasy landscapes, jaw-dropping creatures and a battle raging between good and evil. The people she loved in this world — her father and her childhood dog — but oddly, not her husband who had passed over 14 years before. So she sets out to find him. She realizes that she has been reborn as a 25-year-old woman with a sword in her hand and gun of her hip” and embarks on an adventure as she searches for the lost love of her life.

“The idea is always to create the project and then find the right producer for it,” Millar told Deadline. “We have an idea of who would be good for this one. It must be someone who will understand the story and is passionate about bringing our vision to the screen.”

Millar is a highly regarded and successful comic book writer, whose work also includes The Ultimates, which inspired much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Several of his original works — Superior, Chrononauts, Empress (with producer Joe Roth), Huck, MPH, and Starlight — are already in development for film or television.

Most recently, Waypoint Entertainment acquired rights to two of Millar’s properties: American Jesus and Supercrooks. American Jesus was drawn by artist Peter Gross and follows a modern 12-year-old boy who realizes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ who has returned to Earth in the present day in a final effort to save mankind. With illustrations by Leinil Francis Yu, Supercrooks is a cool, funny heist story about eight super-villains forced out of retirement in an attempt to rob the world’s most notorious crime boss.

Millar and Capullo are represented by lawyer Harris M. Miller II and agent Martin Spencer at Paradigm.

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