‘Outcast’ Review: Robert Kirkman’s Cinemax Series Not For The Squeamish


Between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead on AMC and now Outcast debuting on Cinemax on June 3, there is a Robert Kirkman-created series on television almost every week of the year – which means the end of the world or its terrors are almost always coming at you. And if you thought the blockbuster TWD or FearTWD was scary, the 10-episode first season of the already renewed Outcast makes the zombie apocalypse look like a slightly out-of-control tailgate party.

Developed as a show and a comic even before the Kirkman created comic series premiered in 2014, the series starring Patrick Fugit and Philip Glenister is some seriously creepy stuff with demonic possession, blood dripping from almost every dark scene, exorcisms, fallen faith and the claustrophobia and secrets that small towns shelter — specifically the fictional Rome, WVa. If that kind of hard-core horror is your thing, then Outcast likely is for you. But, as I say in my video review above, if you get squeamish, this might be a bit too much.

deadline-review-badge-dominic-pattenFugit plays the emotionally tortured and socially shut-in Kyle Barnes, a man who has spent his whole life watching those he loves like his mother being taken over by dark forces. In showrunner Chris Black’s Outcast, he is teamed with the hard-drinking Reverend Anderson strongly portrayed by Glenister, who was so great as DCI Gene Hunt on the UK version of Life On Mars and its sequel Ashes To Ashes.

With solid support from Wrenn Schmidt and David Denman, Outcast is very good at keeping the tension the genre needs almost at the point of suffocation – which is very tense indeed if you’re not picking up what I’m putting down. You can go online now and get a taste of Outcast by watching the premiere episode, as Cinemax put the show produced by Circle of Confusion and Fox International Channels up there for all to see almost two weeks ago. You will also see what hard slogging the series can be, like when a little kid played by Gabriel Bateman becomes a punching bag. I’m warning you now, Outcast will shock you and scare you, and you may end up watching from behind the couch.

The thing is, Cinemax is betting that Kirkman’s fan base will show up because of that, and it’s the business the expanding HBO sister station wants to be in. So, if harsh is your idea of a Friday night TV party, Outcast is a show you are going to want to bite into.

Click on my review above, check out the pilot online and tell us what you think.

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