‘Alice’ Sees $62.7M In Offshore Looking Glass; ‘Warcraft’ Scores $31.7M; ‘X-Men’ Cumes $183.4M – Int’l Box Office Final


UPDATE, WRITETHRU, 11:54 PM and 12:54 PM PT, Tuesday: There were several moving parts to the international box office this weekend, with new entries and holdovers all jockeying for position — and new milestones in the mix. The widest newbie, Disney’s live action sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, slid down the rabbithole into 43 material offshore markets for a $62.7M debut (much down from the Sunday estimate of $65M). The result mirrors the opening of last year’s comp, Cinderella, in the same suite of markets and at today’s exchange rates. China was predictably the biggest overseas play with $26.6M, making it the second highest Disney Live Action opening (non-Marvel or Lucasfilm) ever in the Middle Kingdom, behind The Jungle Book.

The $62.7M start, however, falls below industry projections we were hearing ahead of the weekend which were closer to $80M and up. The film has an A- CinemaScore domestically, but has not hit with critics. There is also strong competition at offshore turnstiles this weekend with the sophomore frame of X-Men: Apocalypse also ringing up a far less final weekend gross of $53.2M (after an estimate of X-menApocalypse$55.3M on Sunday) for a new $183.4M international cume. XMA notably held No. 1 in Brazil and the UK, beating Alice‘s debut. The Angry Birds Movie nested in four new markets for a total of 87 and an estimated $29.6M (down from the $31.8M weekend that was estimated on Sunday) which catapults the cume to $157.2M.

Further complicating things for Alice this weekend was the strong arrival of Legendary and Universal Pictures’ Warcraft. Booting up in 20 territories, the adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s juggernaut video game franchise scored $31.77M. Fans rushed out to see it, notably in Russia where the weekend cume was an Orc-sized $10.4M. Alice, by comparison, grossed $4.6M in Russia this session; although that was still 56% better than Cindy last year. Warcraft dominated Alice in all markets where the two new entries were head-to-head.

While this is a disappointing start for the $170M budgeted Alice, Disney hardly seems in danger of losing its hat. The studio is due to pass the $4B mark at the global box office in the next couple of days, setting an industry speed record to the milestone. The trip there has been fueled by Captain America: Civil War ($1.106B), Zootopia ($993.7M), and The Jungle Book ($882.1M), which now rank as the top three films of 2016 globally. The latter just this weekend overtook Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to earn its spot. In other bright news, Zootopia has hit $50M in Japan and is coming within hopping distance of the $1B global mark.

Breakdowns have been updated below with final grosses.

Anita Busch updated finals on Tuesday.

With a $62.7M start in 43 material overseas markets, the sequel to 2010’s $1B+ WW grosser, Alice In Wonderland, came in below expectations which had placed the offshore debut closer to $80M+. That it would fall behind the original film is not a surprise. That movie was riding a huge 3D wave when it released in the wake of James Cameron’s Avatar, but this is nevertheless a disappointment. Looking Glass has been hobbled by poor critical response and word of mouth in a crowded frame. The release also coincided with news that Amber Heard had been granted a temporary restraining order against Alice star Johnny Depp. The couple is in the process of divorcing. It’s difficult to gauge the impact of those personal issues just yet, although it clearly isn’t a help given Depp is the title’s biggest marquee name.

The top play was China with $26.6M, followed by Mexico at $4.5M, Russia with $3.9M (down from a big $4.9M estimate on Sunday), Brazil at $4.1M and the UK at $3.1M. In the latter, a week’s holiday is just beginning.

Russia’s start was 56% ahead of Cinderella while Taiwan also came in 21% bigger. Mexico, where Alice was No. 1, topped Cindy by 5%. Brazil’s debut bested the starts of Maleficent, Alice In Wonderland, Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Argentina was also a No. 1, ahead of Cindy by 35%. IMAX play overseas was worth $6.65M (way up from Sunday estimate of $4.1M) for the three-day. Japan (July 1) and Korea (September 8) are still to open.

The hope in Europe is that Looking Glass is now positioned to play through the Euro Cup soccer tournament which kicks off on June 10 and generally boosts counterprogramming. Alice‘s global tally for the three-day weekend is $102.7M, setting the picture on course for around $400M worldwide.

Gamers and more rushed out to see the bigscreen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s wildly popular franchise, dropping a multi-player-fueled $31.7M in the process. In 73 IMAX plays, the Duncan Jones-helmed pic grossed $1.84M over the weekend and $2.3M through Monday.

Russia was the most keen to convene with the denizens of Azeroth and their Orc friends and foes, launching the movie with $10.4M and 63% of the market. It’s the No. 2 opener there of 2016 (only behind Deadpool). Germany was also a No. 1 debut with $5.8M and a 42% share. With an opening day of $2.2M, Warcraft to mark the biggest opening day there this year. France played to a No. 1 $4.4M; Sweden’s No. 1 bow was $1.3M, making it Universal’s fourth-biggest opening weekend ever behind only Fifty Shades Of Grey, Jurassic World and Furious 7.

Warcraft‘s other No. 1s included Austria, Denmark (third-biggest opening of the year), Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, the Middle East, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand and the UAE. There are 45 more territories to open over the next two months, including Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, among others, next frame.

With $53.2M from 17,151 screens in 83 international markets, Fox’s latest X-Men entry brings its cume to $183.2M overseas. Korea was a major debut with $11.7M from 1,258 screens (including previews). That gives the studio its third-biggest non-holiday opening weekend of all time there — it also has the No. 2 movie in Korea this week with Fox International Productions’ The Wailing.

XMA holds were strong with No. 1s in 19 markets. The mutants notably had the upper hand on Alice in Brazil where the Bryan Singer-helmed pic was No. 1 again with $4.5M ($12.8M cume). It also had top marks in the UK with $3.6M ($17.4M), and Australia ($2.2M/$8.2M). Other top cumes include Mexico at $14.4M; France with $10.3M; and the Philippines with $7.5M. China is the next release territory on June 3.

Red & Co spread their wings to four new markets this frame, landing an estimated $29.6M from over 17,700 screens in 87 total. The offshore cume for the Columbia Pictures/Rovio Animation/Sony Pictures Imageworks adaptation of Rovio’s mobile game franchise is now $155.2M.

New launches included India where the film set a record for the biggest animated opening day ever. The full weekend hatched $1.9M on 749 screens, besting the openings of Zootopia (+348%) and The Croods (+237%). Poland delivered $1.4M (including previews) from 284 screens and has Angry Birds on a flight path to do twice the opening weekend business of Kung Fu Panda 3.

In its 2nd Middle Kingdom session, the Birds’ nest added $10M (down from the $12.6M estimate) for a $46.2M cume. It was No. 2 behind the debut of Looking Glass. The UK landed a further $1.3M from 650 screens and a total $8.4M. The Brazil hold was very strong at only 2% down. The local cume is now $6.2M. Germany, where the other game adaptation in international play, Warcraft, had a strong start, it grossed another $1.25M to lift the Birds by 4% for a total $8.5M. That overtakes the lifetime of Kung Fu Panda 3 by 20%. Upcoming releases include Italy on June 15 and Japan on October 1. Think it will help play that Madonna today posted to her 7.1M Instagram followers using the movie’s MSQRD mask?

Upcoming releases for the animated favorite is Italy on June. 15. It will not debut in Japan (a strong market for Disney films) until Oct. 1.

Captain America: Civil WarCAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR
Team Cap and Team Iron Man continue to duke it out at the international box office, adding a better than estimated $13.4M (up from the Sunday estimate of $12.5M) in the Disney/Marvel’s film’s 5th offshore weekend. Holds were good in Germany (-37%), France (-46%) and the UK (-50%). The overseas total is now $733.1M for a $1.106B global cume (through Monday). CACW is still the 4th highest grossing superhero movie of all time internationally, behind only Avengers: Age Of Ultron ($946M), The Avengers ($895M) and Iron Man 3 ($806M). Converting by today’s exchange rates, it has actually surpassed both IM3 and The Avengers. Globally, it’s also the 4th biggest superhero flick, having passed The Dark Knight Rises. The top grossing offshore markets are China ($187.2M), where its run is tapering down with a 63% drop; Korea ($62.7M, down 78%); the UK ($52.2M); Mexico ($41.2M, dropping 70%); and Brazil ($39.3M, off only 33%).

Money Monster ReviewMONEY MONSTER
Following its debut at the Cannes Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, Jodie Foster’s Money Monster added 25 offshore markets this trading session. Now in a total of 41, it grossed approximately $6.9M on over 2,800 screens for a $17.1M overseas cume. Germany opened the Sony release to $1.2M (including previews) from 462 screens, which is 19% ahead of Bridge Of Spies and on par with Captain Phillips, per the studio. The UK, which has a bank holiday tomorrow and school vacations all week, ransomed $1.2M at the weekend on 400 screens. Brazil debuted to $835K from 220 screens, besting the openings of both Captain Phillips (75%) and The Big Short (22%). France dropped 34% for a total $4.5M after adding another $735K this weekend. This week sees releases of the George Clooney/Julia Roberts drama in Australia and Russia on June 2 followed by Japan (June 10), Mexico (June 17), Spain (July 8) and South Korea (Sept. 1).

the jungle bookTHE JUNGLE BOOK
Adding another $6.3M to the treetops, Disney’s The Jungle Book has swung the international cume to $541M for a global haul of $882.1M (through Monday). In its 8th weekend of overseas release in 41 material markets, the Jon Favreau-helmed TJB fell by only 24% and notably overtook Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to become the No. 3 worldwide release of the year behind Disney’s own Captain America: Civil War and Zootopia. Hong Kong was a new opening this frame with $1.3M. Holds were strong elsewhere. This is all ahead of the highly-anticipated Korean release on June 9, followed by Japan on August 11.

From Fox International Productions, this Korean thriller added $5.2M on 910 screens in its home country. The total is now $40M after three frames to make it the 3rd biggest Fox movie ever there, behind only Avatar and Kingsman: The Secret Service. It should overtake the latter by next week.

Neighbors 2 bNEIGHBORS 2
With an additional $4.5M in 49 territories, Universal’s comedy sequel now has an international total of $36.7M.  The global cume on this comedy is now $77.5M. New openings were in Mexico, Chile, Cyprus and Paraguay. In a competitive Mexico, the Seth Rogen pic bowed at No. 4 with $1.1M, on par with the first film. This is currently one of two main comedies in offshore markets with Warner’s The Nice Guys also in play (it notably expanded to Australia this frame with a total weekend of $1.4M). Germany is Neighbors’ top holdover with a 25-day gross of $6.3M. Argentina is the next release on June 6.

zootopia 3ZOOTOPIA
Hopping with another $4M this frame, Zootopia has taken its offshore cume to $657.5M. With a foxy global total of $993.7M (through Monday), another $1B worldwide grosser looks all but assured at this point for Disney. The gang of critters are still playing in 21 material territories and has Turkey to potentially give it a leg over when it bows there on June 10. Japan has been driving the box office of late. The drop this frame was just 14% after steady climbs the past several weeks. This was its 4th consecutive frame at No. 1 and the total there is $51.2M.

The Nice Guys ReviewTHE NICE GUYS
Bloom is handling this Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling comedy overseas (Warner Bros. released it in North America. The film, which took in another $3.7M this weekend in 33 markets has a cume to date of $6.4M. The Nice Guys just expanded Down Under to gross $1.4M on 262 screens to give it a No. 3 showing in Australia as well as another $204K from New Zealand on 88 screens for a No. 4 slot. It also opened this weekend in Portugal to $121K from 20,441 admissions to nab a No. 3 spot.

In addition the holds across other territories were very strong. In France, the picture dropped only 39% and in Israel, only 8%. Finland actually grew by 16% while other countries enjoyed small drops such as the Netherlands (-26%), Poland (-17%), Belgium (-34%) and Singapore (-21%).

In its second weekend out in China, this Lionsgate franchise installment grossed $2.8M for a total cume in the market of $16.5M. That tops France’s $15.1M to become the top territory internationally. The international total through Sunday, May 29 is now $110.69M. Domestically this one has only $66.1M to date for a total global gross of $176.8M. Its top markets include the aforementioned China, followed by France and then Brazil ($6.9M), the UK ($6.5M) and Russia $6M).

With Japan releasing this frame, this clunker has reached its final territory. The weekend total was $1.6M in 45 markets for an international cume of $113.2M. Worldwide, the total is $160.8M. Japan delivered $1.4M at 587 dates.

the witch 2THE WITCH
Universal’s horror pic scared up another $1.1M in 11 territories to take the offshore cume to $12.7M. The worldwide gross is now $37.9M. Among openers this frame, Panama outperformed expectations with $131K at 13 dates. Mexico has now grossed a strong $2.7M after 10 days; It’s still in the Top Five at the box office there and scared in another $551K. Germany’s limited release has stirred $627K to date. Still on deck are France (June 15), Chile (June 23) and Italy (August 18).

sing-street-posterSING STREET
With a May 26th debut in Germany, followed a day later in Austria, The Weinstein Company’s Sing Street has grossed a total weekend of $984K in five markets. It is being handled by Studio Canal in Germany and Austria where is made $88K on 90 screens and $4K on 20 screens, respectively. All in with the UK in its 11th weekend (handled by Lionsgate), the picture has grossed $4.2M. Globally, the indie rock-n-roll film has grabbed $7M to date.

The Boss (UNI), $131K weekend, $12.7M international cume, $75.5M global (opens in the Philippines on June 8, followed by Italy and the UK/Ireland on June 16).

Batman v. Superman (WB), $542M international cume (through Monday).

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