Donald Trump Tells Jimmy Kimmel How He Comes Up With All Those Nicknames

Rex/Shutterstock & ABC

“Tonight, those of you watching at home will have the rare opportunity to see Donald Trump on television,” Jimmy Kimmel joked tonight on his ABC late-night show.  “Trump is here in Hollywood, and I thought this was interesting, he has promised to make Hollywood Boulevard great again, by building a wall around Bill Cosby’s star on the Walk of Fame. And Guillermo is gonna pay for it!”

During his visit, Trump explained his process in devising nicknames for his opponents (see video above).

The presumptive nominee and the late-night star also discussed Trump’s Democratic opponents:

Kimmel also advised Trump to handle his Veep selection process the same way he had competitors on The Apprentice, which Kimmel predicted would be Trump’s biggest reality-series hit yet:

Kimmel also read the sequel to the wildly popular children’s book Jimmy ghost-wrote on Trump behalf, “Winners Still Aren’t Losers”. 

While they were taping, a small group of Trump protesters waved signs and shouted “F**k Trump” on the sidewalk outside the Hollywood studio where the show tapes.  A larger crowd of police kept an eye on them, and the media kept an eye on the festivities.

Trump had come to the taping after giving a rally speech at the convention center in Anaheim, at which at least eight people were arrested.  Several hundred people had gathered outside, including one man with a Trump piñata.

Inside, Trump joined fans in chanting “build that wall,” regaled them with some of those nicknames for political opponents that he and Jimmel discussed, and, far less creatively, called “slime” the media who were in the convention center covering the event.

While the candidate spoke, outside the convention center the Trump piñata was decapitated and its head used as a soccer ball.

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