‘The Space Between Us’ Trailer: Kid Born & Raised On Mars Comes To Earth As A Teenager

STX Entertainment

Here’s an interplanetary conundrum: NASA sends a half-dozen astronauts to be the first to live on Mars. But little does the space agency know, one of them is pregnant and gives birth without revealing who the father is. NASA didn’t tell anyone about it — for 16 years. Now he’s a teenager who has been raised by scientists and has met fewer than 15 people in his life but is hip to what Earth is and “knows it’s all going on without him.” He also has developed an online relationship with an Earthling girl in Colorado. The decision is made to bring him “home” to the Blue Planet. Of course, there are tests to be done and data to mine, but he just wants to check it out. So the kids escapes — and goes to find the girl. Just one thing: His romantic heart “can’t handle our gravity.”

Here’s the first trailer for director Peter Chelsom’s The Space Between Us, starring Asa Butterfield as Gardner Eliot, the Teen From Another Planet who is eager to learn the truth about his dad and get his bearings on exactly where he belongs in the solar system. Britt Robertson is Tulsa, the only person Gardner knows on Earth. Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino lead the race to find the kid, who’s experiencing all earthly things — horses, hot-air balloons, love — for the first time in an ultimate fish-out-of-water scenario. B.D. Wong also stars in the pic, which is scripted by Allan Loeb from a story he wrote with Stewart Schill and Richard Barton Lewis. STX opens the adventure tale August 19. Check out the trailer above, and give us your thoughts.

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