Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: Bryan Cranston & Anthony Mackie Talk LBJ, MLK Jr & HBO’s ‘All The Way’


LBJ in the form of Bryan Cranston came ‘all the way’ to Deadline’s all day first-ever Contenders Emmys event at the DGA Theatre last month. Kicking off the day were director Jay Roach, actor Anthony Mackie who plays Martin Luther King Jr, and Bryan Cranston recreating his Tony Award-winning The Contenders Emmys - 630x423role of President Lyndon Johnson in HBO’s TV movie version of the Broadway play, All The Way. The film just premiered over the weekend on HBO to sterling reviews. At the Contenders event, Roach, who has directed and won Emmys for political dramas like Game Change  and Recount, said it’s actually the personal drama set against the stakes of running the nation that interests him in these kinds of stories. Cranston said the story set against the battle for the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Bill, is in sharp contrast to the polemic nature of today’s politics. He talks about it being different in LBJ’s day where both sides of the aisle sat down to work things out with each other. He also talks about the responsibility in playing a non-fiction character. Mackie says he is nothing like King, but wanted to get to the essence of the man, and show different sides that have not been seen before. To watch my conversation with all of them just click on the link above.

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