Mark Cuban Wants To Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

Because what this presidential election cycle needs is another wealthy candidate with a quick temper who stars on a get-rich reality TV competition series, Mark Cuban is Chuck Todd’s guest on Sunday’s Meet The Press, during which he will spell out the conditions under which he would be willing to become the running mate of Dem front-runner Hillary Clinton and, we assume, other topics.

Last week, WaPo reported Never-Trump Republicans courted the Dallas Mavericks owner/Shark Tank star tMark Cuban Sharknado 4o run for president in a third-party bid. Back then, he said it was hooey, because there wasn’t enough time to launch a third-party bid, but Cuban also said they had wanted him because of his “bluster and volume, combined with substance and the ability to connect with voters on a more personal basis.”

Hopefully, Todd asked Cuban what he learned about presidential politics during his time in the White House in Sharknadeo 3: Oh Hell No! and whether he will be in his second term in the White House when Sharknado 4 debuts next month. Syfy has said the the next installment of the sharks-in-tornadoes franchise will move the story forward five years after the East Coast was ravaged in S3:OHN! In S3, a Sharknado tore down the East Coast, terrorizing Washingtonians already dealing with the horror of a reality TV star in the White House  – Cuban – and VPOTUS Ann Coulter (aka Trump’s staunchest supporter) one terrifying heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

Sharknado 3: OHN! aired last July, back when a reality-TV star as POTUS still was a joke.

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