‘Angry Birds’ Takes Flight With $38M No. 1 Debut, ‘Sorority’ Rushes $21.7M, ‘Nice Guys’ Finish Last With $11.2M – Final B.O.

Courtesy of Sony Animation

7th UPDATE, Monday, 1:42 PM: Rovio and Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie, as Deadline predicted yesterday, ended up with a three-day opening of under $39M. However, its final debut gross of $38.1M won the weekend’s pecking order and fly past Captain America: Civil War (in its third weekend in play). Disney has something to crow about: Its three pictures in the Top Ten —  Civil War, The Jungle Book and Zootopia — have grossed over $1B domestically.

Of the two other newcomers, Universal’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising fell into the No. 3 spot behind the third week of Civil War. The sequel to the 2014 Seth Rogen, Zac Efron comedy opened 49.4% behind its predecessor. The other comedy in the marketplace The Nice Guys debuted to only $11.2M for Warner Bros. which has been experiencing a series of soft openers of late. Both films were grabbing the young male audience.

Overseas, The Nice Guys has grossed $2.2M while Angry Birds tweeted $55.5M and Neighbors has made $29.6M to date. You can read about the international performance here.

Those films in their second weekends of domestic release — Money Monster and The Darkness — held surprisingly well, only down about 53% each.

Next weekend, Memorial Day audiences will enjoy what international audiences got a taste of first: The latest installment of the X-Men franchise from Fox and director Bryan Singer. X-Men: Apocalypse already opened overseas to over $100M and will hope to replicate that kind of excitement stateside.

Disney also arrives with another installment of its Tim Burton re-creation of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice In Wonderland. This time out Burton only produces Alice Through the Looking Glass and James Bobin directs. The last Alice In Wonderland opened to $116.1M in 2010. The industry is hoping that both pictures give the year-to-year box office performance a boost — Apocalypse will but Alice may only open to around $30M+ over the three-day.

Anita Busch compiled Sunday and Monday reports this weekend.

Here’s the Top 20 chart:

1). The Angry Birds Movie (SONY/ROVIO), 3,932 theaters / 3-day cume: $38.1M / Per screen: $9,704 / Wk 1

2). Captain America: Civil War (Disney), 4,226 theaters (0) / 3-day cume: $32.9M / Per screen: $7,795 / Total cume: $347.2M / Wk 3

3). Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (UNI), 3,384 theaters / 3-day cume: $21.7M / Per screen: $6,430 / Wk 1

4). The Nice Guys (WB), 2,865 theaters / 3-day cume: $11.2M / Per screen: $3,910 / Wk 1

5). The Jungle Book (DIS), 3,460 theaters (-510) / 3-day cume: $10.9M / Per screen: $3,163 / Total cume: $327.4M / Wk 6

6). Money Monster (SONY), 3,104 theaters (0) / 3-day cume: $7M (-53%) / Per screen: $2,261 / Total cume: $27M / Wk 2

7). The Darkness (HTR), 1,769 theaters (+14)/  3-day cume: $2.27M (-54%) / Per screen: $1,285 / Total cume: $8.3M / Wk 2

8). Zootopia (DIS), 1,377 theaters (-558) / 3-day cume: $1.6M / Per screen: $1,223 / Total cume: $334.3M / Wk 12

9). The Huntsman: Winter’s War (UNI), 1,246 theaters (-1,272) / 3-day cume: $1.2M / Per screen: $970/ Total cume: $46.6M / Wk 5

10.) Mother’s Day (OR), 1,719 theaters (-1,572) / 3-day cume: $1.1M / Per screen: $663 / Total cume: $31.3M / Wk 4

11). Babershop: The Next Cut (WB), 744 theaters (-589) / 3-day cume: $843K / Per screen: $1,133 / Total cume: $52.7M / Wk 6

12). The Meddler (SPC), 464 theaters (+337) / 3-day cume: $782K / Per screen: $1,687 / Total cume: $2M / Wk 5

13). The Boss (UNI), 672 theaters (-678) / 3-day cume: $653K / Per screen: $973 / Total cume: $62.2M / Wk 7

14). Love and Friendship (RSA), 47 theaters (+43) / 3-day cume: $559K (+319%) / Per screen: $11,911 / Total cume: $758K / Wk 2

15). Keanu (WB), 707 theaters (-1,413) / 3-day cume: $522K / Per screen: $739 / Total cume: $20M / Wk 4

16). The Man Who Knew Infinity (IFC), 271 theaters (+81) / 3-day cume: $495K / Per screen: $1,836 / Total cume: $1.6M / Wk 4

17). My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (UNI), 365 theaters (-352) / 3-day cume: $389K / Per screen: $1,068 / Total cume: $59.5M / Wk 9

18). The Lobster (A24), 24 theaters (+20) / 3-day cume: $389K (+105%) / Per screen: $16,212 / Total cume: $1M / Wk 2

19). Sing Street (TWC), 520 theaters (-5) / 3-day cume: $347K / Per screen: $668 / Total cume: $2.4M / Wk 6

20). A Bigger Splash (FSL), 128 theaters / 3-day cume: $329K / Per screen: $2,572 / Total cume: 778K / Wk 3

6th UPDATE, Sunday, 8:03 AM: The Angry Birds Movie took flight this weekend, soaring past the third week of Captain America: Civil War to become the No. 1 movie in the country with a 48% bump on Saturday to put its debut cume at around $37.8M to $38M. Sundays are good for family moviegoing so today is an all-important turnstile day for the Sony/Rovio picture. Sony is hoping for a higher ending weekend gross, saying that it could fly to $39M if today is strong.

“Rovio and Sony Imageworks did a phenomenal job bringing video game characters to life and giving them a personality that endeared themselves to the family audience,” said Josh Greenstein, President of worldwide marketing and distribution. “The results are just great and we’re also No. 1 in 48 countries and that is also a tribute to their work.” For the film’s overseas grosses, see Nancy Tartaglione’s Deadline international report. Domestically, Angry Birds may end its run here between $108M and $152M.

Meanwhile, the Captain easily commanded the No. 2 spot with a weekend cume of $33M+ for Disney and Marvel and making global news becoming a $1B player.

In third place was Universal’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising which was expected to pull in higher numbers going into this weekend but ended with an estimated $22.65M opening gross as opposed to the first installments $49M debut.

The projected end run domestically of the Neighbors sequel is anywhere between $52M to $74M. The first one in 2014 ended up with $150M.

The Nice Guys marks yet another soft opener for Warner Bros., clocking in at No. 4 with around $11M with a projected end run of anywhere between $27M and $38M. In terms of demos, the comedy starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling played better with under 35-year-olds which means it bumped chests with Neighbors‘ male moviegoers.

In their second time at bat, both Money Monster and The Darkness held well with a 52% drop each. The Jodie Foster-directed Money Monster grossed about $7M+ for Sony, demonstrating that adult fare in a plethora of mostly kids’ stuff will continue to play; its cume is now roughly $27M. The Darkness, with a C CinemaScore, held surprisingly well as usually these horror pictures slide around 60%; its cume is now around $8.4M. It’s a BlumhouseTilt release.

Year-to-year the box office performance is still off about 11.6% but that may change next weekend when we see the arrival of the Memorial Day holiday when Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse and Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass debut. X-Men gets Thursday previews at 6 PM while Alice bows the same night in previews at 7 PM. X-Men started overseas this weekend with a $103M+ haul.

Notable is the performance of A24’s The Lobster which cracked the Top 20 and is covered in Brian Brooks’ Specialty Box Office report today.

Anita Busch compiled the Sunday report.

Here’s the Top Ten chart:

1). The Angry Birds Movie (SONY/ROVIO), 3,932 theaters / $10.8M Fri. (includes $800K previews) / $16M Sat. (+48%) / $11.2M Sun. (-30%) / 3-day cume: $37.8M to $38M / Wk 1

2). Captain America: Civil War (Disney), 4,226 theaters (0) / $8.7M Fri. (-56%) / $14.7M Sat. (+70%) / $9.7M Sun. (35%) / 3-day cume: $33.1M (-54%) / Total cume: $347.4M / Wk 3

3). Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (UNI), 3,384 theaters / $8.7M Fri. (includes $1.67M previews) / $7.7M Sat. / $5M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $22.65M / Wk 1

4/5). The Nice Guys (WB), 2,865 theaters / $3.8M Fri. (includes $700K previews) / $4.4M Sat. (+14%) / $2.8M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $11M / Wk 1

The Jungle Book (DIS), 3,460 theaters (-510) / $2.7M Fri. (-33%) / $4.9M Sat. (+80%) / $3.6M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $11M (-34%)/ Total cume: $327.8M / Wk 6

6). Money Monster (SONY), 3,104 theaters (0) / $1.9M Fri. (-60%) / $3.1M Sat. (+58%) / $2M Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $7M+ (-52%) / Total cume: $26.8M to $27.1M / Wk 2

7). The Darkness (HTR), 1,769 theaters (+14)/ $700K Fri. (-67%) / $1M Sat. (+48%) / $570K Sun. (-45%) / 3-day cume: $2.3M (-52%) / Total cume: $8.4M / Wk 2

8).  Zootopia (DIS), 1,377 theaters (-558) / $375K Fri. (-47%) / $795K Sat. (+110%) / $526K Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $1.7M (-41%) / Total cume: $334.35M / Wk 12

9). The Huntsman: Winter’s War (UNI), 1,246 theaters (-1,272) / $333K Fri. (-65%) / $535K Sat. (+61%) / $349K Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $1.19M / Total cume: $46.6M / Wk 5

10.) Mother’s Day (OR), 1,719 theaters (-1,572) / $320K Fri. (-66%) / $480K Sat. (+47%) / $310K Sun. (-35%) / 3-day cume: $1.1M (-66%) / Total cume: $31.2M / Wk 4

5TH UPDATE, Late Saturday Night: If Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie is going to crack $40M, it will be because of Sunday’s business. The feature adaptation of the long-running app game saw an average 52% jump over Friday’s $10.9M for a $16.6M Saturday which puts its opening between $38.8M and $39.5M. That’s still the third best opening for a toon from the Culver City lot after Hotel Transylvania 2 ($48.5M) and Hotel Transylvania ($42.5M).

Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is set to decline 54% in its third sesh from a week ago. Though that’s a bit steeper than Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s -50% hold at the same point in time, it’s still great with $33.1M in second and a running cume of $347.4M.

neighbors 2Universal’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising fell 11% last night to $7.85M, which comes as no surprise to box office analysts. The Nicholas Stoller-directed sequel is now poised to open in third at $21.75M, which is 56% off from the opening of the 2014 original. Even though Uni tried to change it up by adding young stars and selling the pic around the whole sorority concept, moviegoers are keen to note that it’s just another party re-hash of the first film; just more bongs, and “Hey, can you keep down the noise?” ComScore PostTrak sees low word of mouth indicators here with an updated 45% recommend and a 67% positive score. The first Neighbors fell 9% between its Friday and Saturday, and even The Hangover posted a 10% decline over its first two days. Two factors occurring here: Sometimes with these R-rated male raunchy comedies, their targeted audience shows up the first day (which was apparent here with Neighbors 2 clocking the best Thursday previews out of the new releases this weekend with $1.67M). In addition, Warner Bros.’ The Nice Guys went up 17% over Friday with $4.6M, so that explains where some of the guys were tonight.

the nice guys 2The Nice Guys after drawing in 52% males per PostTrak is looking at an opening of $11.3M,which gets it into fourth place above Disney’s The Jungle Book which is eyeing $10.85M in its sixth frame with a running total of $327.3M. While that’s better than expected for the Ryan Gosling-Russell Crowe combo, the pic’s reviews didn’t push it to over-perform its projections they way they did forMoney Monster last weekend. The George Clooney-Julia Roberts movie made $4.8M more than its projected $10M for $14.8M. For better or worse, in this crowded blockbuster summer, no one is expecting these smart adult films to last that long at the multiplex. Nice Guys‘ PostTrak scores of 75% positive and 52% definite recommend are lower than Sony’s Money Monster‘s respective 81% and 56% in its first week; granted the latter had more of an even male-female split, but both brought in a heavy adult crowd. According to one set of estimates tonight, Money Monster rose 64% on Saturday for $3M-$3.15M on its way to second frame of $7M for a 10-day take of $27M.

Sony’s marketing campaign for Angry Birds began nine months before its release with the studio’s publicity, digital and marketing departments conquering every national holiday, zeitgeist news moment, and industry milestone with social media content and publicity ops (i.e., The Oscars, Halloween, CyberMonday, The Masters, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, and the Launch of Facebook Reactions). Angry Birds’ aggressive marketing campaign focused on the characters, their unique personalities and the humor of the voice cast via custom media promotions. Sony counts its Angry Birds campaign as one of the largest in its history, featuring more than 100 partners worldwide including tie-ins with McDonald’s, Citroën, Ziploc and Panasonic. Sony was able to leverage Rovio’s user base and social channels, culminating in the launch of a unique movie-themed app, Angry Birds: Action!

Targeting families, moms, Hispanic and African American demos was a must, and Sony ran Angry Birds spots across 20 networks. There was an in-show integration on Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards with a giant slingshot and slime moment, as well as custom spots on American Idol, NBA basketball playoffs, The Bachelorette, Despierta America and Discovery affiliated networks (“For the birds” month). Angry Birds voiceover star Bill Hader narrated an Angry angry birds pic majesticBirds/NASA partnership PSA. Back in February, there was a “Sneak Beak” where Sony invited stateside and Hispanic media to the Culver City lot to show off footage with Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride and Hader on hand. During the month leading up to opening, Sony launched a huge multi-market outdoor campaign that featured double-decker bus wraps with 3D character build outs.

Here in Cannes, Sony threw a costumed character stunt and photo call the day before the fest kicked off with Angry Birds stars Josh Gad and Omar Sy, who voices Red in the French version; Maccio Capatonda, who is Red in Italy; Timur Rodriguez, Chuck’s voice in Russia; and Raya Abirached, who’s Matilda in the Middle East.

4TH WRITE-THRU, Saturday AM: Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie is coming in toward the top of its weekend projections with a FSS north of $39M opening after scoring an estimated $10.9M Friday. While industry projections saw a weekend that was potentially higher on Friday, Sony’s conservative estimates were right on the nose. Even though Angry Birds’ opening isn’t eye-popping for an original May animated release (it’s ranked fifth behind Shrek‘s 3-day of $42.3M), the Rovio toon deserves credit for being Sony’s third best animated opening of all-time behind Hotel Transylvania 2 ($48.5M) and Hotel Transylvania ($42.5M). Angry Birds even beat Smurfs ($35.6M), and cost less than each of those three movies. Despite the fact that Sony is just taking a 7% distribution fee on this (reportedly Rovio is footing the bill for P&A and production cost), the Culver City lot committed to marketing this property with all its heart and soul. The customized campaign took it from being seen as a potentially stale app to a fresh one with characters that kids want to see. Angry Birds reps the feature directorial debut of Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis.

Angry Birds gets a B+ CinemaScore. And while that might seem like a bird drop in the eye, the pollster org often sees a B+ as being the same as an A- in terms of a pic’s long-term business. And Sony’s Hotel TransylvaniaCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Smurfs movies each earned A-. However, the under 25 bunch made up close to half of all ticket buyers, giving Angry Birds an A. Males repped 51% to females’ 49%. Of course, 54% came out because they’re fans of the game. Under 18 repped 35% of the crowd who gave it an A. Some are comparing  Angry Birds in its audience make-up to Penguins of Madagascar which earned an overall A- and drew just a tad more under 18 at 39%. I think Penguins is an odd duck as a comp since it was a spinoff of the Madagascar property — almost a fourthquel, plus in the long-run it really skewed young.

ANGRY BIRDSThere’s been plenty of chatter in reviews and elsewhere that Angry Birds is invading theaters at a point too late in its fad cycle. However, we need to consider the other following forces in the B.O. ecosystem that are preventing the film from potentially grossing more. First, a number of the higher grossing original animated titles for May (such as Finding Nemo – $70.3M and Up at $68.1M) debuted later in the month when more kids were out of school. This weekend, there’s only 4% K-12 out, a number that moves to 33% next Friday on Memorial Day weekend. Sony had to open Angry Birds somewhere in this crowded summer, and the gist was to get a leg up before Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass hits theaters next weekend, especially since these summer toons leg out, and jungle bookthe Rovio title is going to be the only animated feature until Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory hits screens on June 17. Advanced ticket sales for group events and parties are huge in upcoming weeks I hear.

With Alice Through the Looking Glass set to be a definite family destination over Memorial Day with a projected $60M over four days, that’s another big reason that’s curbing family dollars away from Angry Birds this weekend. Also stealing dollars away from Angry Birds: Disney’s The Jungle Book in its sixth weekend. Who the heck ever had the foresight to predict that the Jon Favreau movie would be putting up double digit weekends at this point in time? Jungle Book is poised to make $11.3M this weekend in fourth place, taking its stateside cume to $327.8M, becoming the highest grossing Favreau-directed movie of all-time at the domestic B.O., drowning his previous high, Marvel’s Iron Man ($318.4M).

Universal’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising was never expected to top its predecessor’s opening weekend of $49M. Sequelitis was always a factor in slowing down grosses, but analysts never predicted that Neighbors 2 was going to sink below its $35M-$40M projection. Since last night, Friday and weekend figures have slightly increased respectively to $8.8M and $22.8M in third. For a $35M film that opening isn’t the end of the world (no pun intended) but does bring mixed results. Neighbors ended its global run at $270.7M, 45% of that coming from overseas. There’s been some concern that the sequel, given its emphasis on Greek life in its promos, won’t click with foreign auds since that’s an American college phenom.

Neighbors 2 gets a B CinemaScore, the same as Neighbors. Guys at 54% are the alphas here, with 54% under 25. The first Neighbors drew more females at 52%. Essentially what happened between sequels is that Neighbors fans got younger, as the over 25 demo turned up at 55% during the first installment.  

Those who loved Neighbors 2 the most with an A- were the 18 year-olds and younger (14%) who were able to get inside the theater. This demo showed improvement over 2014’s first Neighbors’ B+.

On ComScore’s PostTrak, which continually polls throughout the weekend and into next week, Neighbors 2 isn’t doing that hot with a 64% total positive, and 45% definite recommend. Young males in full force here at 53% guys, 56% under 25.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)Uni, Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg always intended to make a sequel after the first film was a surprise hit two years ago. To Uni’s credit this time around, they did go the distance in their trailers and marketing to show that Neighbors 2 is different from the first film: It’s about sororities, there are more stars (Chloe Grace Moretz, Selena Gomez), and Rogen teams up with Zac Efron instead of being adversaries. But on the downside, and this is where many sources are telling me why Neighbors 2 isn’t faring better, it’s still a party-hardy movie all over again, and that’s why older guys are staying home. For Rogen, Neighbors 2 is an uptick over the $9.9M opening generated from his Christmas theatrical dud The Night Before, in the opening realm of This Is the End ($20.7M and $101.5M domestic) and Pineapple Express ($23.2M and $87.3M). However whether Neighbors 2 crosses the century mark comes down to how long Uni can keep it in theaters; Sony did a wide blitz during the Post-Labor Day frame to get This Is the End over a triple figure. Efron has a lot to be happy about with the Neighbors 2 opening. It comes as a much needed rebound after the burnouts of Dirty Grandpa ($11.1M) and We Are Your Friends ($1.8M).

The Nice Guys ReviewWarner Bros.’ The Nice Guys is currently ahead of its weekend projections with a FSS of $11M. CinemaScore shows a B-, which runs counter to the great reviews this film is receiving at a 90% fresh score. Even though Warner Bros. doesn’t have the world on this, they’ve loved this movie for quite some time, dropping the red band trailer back in early December and showing it off at CinemaCon where it earned big laughs from distributors. Like Money Monster, Nice Guys received a Cannes Film Festival premiere, which also boosted the pic’s profile on a global stage.

CinemaScore crowds were split 50/50 between males and females with 25+ repping 83%.

Despite the B- CinemaScore, PostTrak shows this pic could have some legs: 78% were positive about it with a 57% definite recommend. But ComScore is showing a different trend with the under 25ers coming out strong at 49%. Men only made up 42% of all moviegoers. Essentially, Nice Guys and Neighbors 2 are biting into each other.

Essentially, even though Neighbors 2 made a play for young women in their marketing, more guys showed up. And we have a situation where we have two pics catering toward men–Nice Guys and Neighbors 2– cutting into each other’s business. Should Nice Guys or Neighbors 2 have found another weekend on the summer schedule? It’s funny, when you talk to distribution executives about how there’s more wide entry competition this summer than last (51 releases to 42), they’re unfazed. For them, it’s about the midweek business. That’s what they plan to live or die on.

Strong arthouse grosses going on here this weekend with A24’s The Lobster and Amazon/Roadside Attractions’ Whit Stillman period piece Love & Friendship respectively pulling in $16K and $12K per venue in their second weekends. IFC’s Weiner doc is putting up $15K per theater, while Sony Pictures Classics’ Maggie’s Plan is collecting $11K per hub.

The top 10 for the weekend of May 20-22 per industry estimates as of 9:40am Saturday:

1). The Angry Birds Movie (SONY/ROVIO), 3,932 theaters / $10.9M Fri. (includes $800K previews) / 3-day cume: $39.4M / Wk 1

2). Captain America: Civil War (Disney), 4,226 theaters (0) / $8.7M Fri. (-56%)/ 3-day cume: $32M (-55%) / Total cume: $346.5/ Wk 3

3). Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (UNI), 3,384 theaters / $8.8M Fri. (includes $1.67M previews) / 3-day cume: $22.8M / Wk 1

4). The Jungle Book (DIS), 3,460 theaters (-510) / $2.7M Fri. (-33%) / 3-day cume: $11.3M (-34%)/ Total cume: $327.8M / Wk 6

5). The Nice Guys (WB), 2,865 theaters / $3.9M Fri. (includes $700K previews) / 3-day cume: $11M / Wk 1

6). Money Monster (SONY), 3,104 theaters (0) / $2M Fri. (-60%) / 3-day cume: $6.9M (-52%)/Total cume: $26.9M/Wk 2

7). The Darkness (HTR), 1,769 theaters (+14)/ $700K Fri. (-67%) / 3-day cume: $2.1M (-57%)/Total Cume: $8.2M/ Wk 2

8). Zootopia (DIS), 1,377 theaters (-558) / $367K Fri. (-47%) / 3-day cume: $1.7M (-41%) / Total cume: $334.4M / Wk 12

9.)The Huntsman: Winter’s War (UNI), 1,246 theaters (-1,272) / $333K Fri. (-65%) / 3-day cume: $1.2M (-53%)/ Total cume: $46.7M / Wk 5

10.) Mother’s Day (OR), 1,719 theaters (-1,572) / $319K Fri. (-66%) / 3-day cume: $1.1M (-66%)/ Total cume: $31.3M / Wk 4


Brahmotsavam (Telugu) (IND), 175 theaters / $242K  / 3-day cume: $806K / Wk 1

Love & Friendship (AMZ/RSA), 47 theaters (+43) / $151K Fri. (+331%) / 3-day cume: $573K (+329)/$12K PTA/Total cume: $772K/Wk 2

The Lobster (A24), 24 theaters (+20) / $122K Fri. (+108%)/ 3-day cume: $400K(+110%)/$16K PTA/Total cume: $1M/Wk 2

This Time  (ABS), 75 theaters / $71K Fri.  / 3-day cume: $222K / Wk 1

Weiner (IFC), 5 theaters / $20K Fri. / $15k PTA/3-day cume: $75k / Wk 1

Maggie’s Plan (SPC), 5 theaters / $17K Fri. / $11K PTA/3-day cume: $55K / Wk 1

Ma Ma (OCL), 1 theaters / $4K Fri. / 3-day cume: $12K / Wk 1

2nd UPDATE, Friday, 11:46AM: Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie is flying higher than Captain America: Civil War for the weekend, according to matinees, on course for a No. 1 take between $42M-$44M. The Disney Marvel movie is looking at at $36M-$37M, down 50%, which will take Civil War to $351.3M by Sunday. That’s still 6% behind at Avengers: Age of Ultron at the same point in time ($372M).

Angry Birds is looking to hatch $12M for today. Sony is receiving a 7% distribution, and it’s not even on the hook for P&A and the production cost, which reportedly is $73M. The big news on this film is its multiple, especially as summer break starts. One analyst predicted $150M stateside, which is at least a 3.6. Sony got paid in a separate deal on the Angry Birds special effects, which its own Imageworks unit handled. In advance ticket sales, Fandango reported that Angry Birds was the top destination for the weekend, pacing in tandem with Hotel Transylvania 2 last yearThat pic Adam Sandler-led toon sequel debuted to $48.5M.

RelishMix social Media Monitor reports: “Angry Birds has a strong Social Media Universe of 345M, which is made of 144M Facebook fans, 30.2M Twitter followers, over 42M Instagram followers and more than 128.5M YouTube views. Keep in mind that of the 144M Facebook fans, the Angry Birds’ app and Sony Pictures official page combine to make up almost 50M alone. And to put the Instagram figure in perspective, Demi Lovato lends 39M followers. She sings a cover of ‘I Will Survive’ for the soundtrack, and is not fully activated.”

Of the pic’s social stars, it’s Blake Shelton who voices Earl the pig. He counts 27.2M across FB, Twitter and Instagram. Relish Mix notices that Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader are all non-social. Maya Rudolph, among other supporting cast, has official pages but has done little with them.

Overall conversation is positive online for Angry Birds. Some longtime fans of the popular mobile game are excited about the SNL alum cast while others are saying “too little, too late” — no doubt referring to the peak in popularity the game had several years ago. Fans have grabbed a number of the GIF characters and are reposting those. Families are split per RelishMix: Some are calling out to friends to go see the movie, while other parents are voicing the opinion that the film looks a little too adult to bring the kids. They’re waiting on the WOM.

Coming in much lower as of now is Universal’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising despite posting the biggest Thursday preview. Friday is looking at an estimated $9.85M-$9.5M with a shot at a $25M weekend, which would is 49% less than the original’s $49M opening weekend. Perhaps, the late-night crowd clicks in after 9PM for this R-rated comedy. We’ll see.

On social, there’s a lot of good chatter among females. Many Selena Gomez fans are shouting out that they plan to go see her in the sequel, despite her silence about the movie across her pages with over 180M followers. Similarly, Vine star Cameron Dallas is in the movie, and not tubthumping it to his 32M social fans. However, Zac Efron is to his 43.9M, followed by Seth Rogen (10.8M), and Chloe Grace Moretz (9.3M).

Neighbors 2 social media universe stands at 444.2M, but a lot of that is bolstered by Lovato and Gomez’s fans. This breaks down as 122.9M Facebook fans, 64M-plus Twitter followers, 131.9M Instagram followers and over 116MM YouTube views.

RelishMix says, “The stars are doing plenty of sharing across their social pages, but the film does not have an official partner or game changing stunt.”

Warner Bros.’ The Nice Guys is projected at a $4.5M Friday for an opening weekend of $11.5M-$12M, which takes into account that its stellar reviews are working in its favor. Last Sunday, the Shane Black film made its Cannes Film Festival premiere.

Sony’s Money Monster is on track to decline 50% for a $7.35M take and a 10 day haul of $27.4M.

1ST UPDATE, Friday 7:04AM: Universal is the first to file Thursday night preview figures this morning, and its R-rated sequel Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising chugged $1.67 million from 2,627 venues last night from showtimes starting at 7 PM. That’s 33% lower than Neighbors’ Thursday night, which grossed $2.5M and an opening weekend take of $49M. Neighbors 2 does beat the $1M 10PM Thursday nights of Paul Feig’s The Heat, another R-rated summer comedy.

Meanwhile, Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie made $800K at 2,804 theaters. The last animated kid pic owned the marquee, Disney’s Zootopia, made $1.7M in its Thursday night previews. Keep in mind also that there were more college kids (76%) off last night than regular K-12 kids (2% schools) according to ComScore.

Industry insiders predict a staring contest for No. 2 this weekend between the Seth Rogen-Zac Efron raunch fest and The Angry Birds Movie with $35M-$40M a piece. Angry Birds currently has a 45% Rotten Tomatoes score, with Neighbors 2 at a fresh 67%. The Nice Guys has the best reviews out of the wide entries at 91% and that could take its weekend higher than its current $10M projection. Last night it hauled $700K.

As we mentioned previously, Disney’s Captain America: Civil War is set to grip No. 1 for the third sesh in a row with a -40% to -50% hold from its previous frame with $36M-$44M. Cap made $3.7M yesterday taking its second week cume to $90.97M and its running domestic total to $314.3M.

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