‘The Blacklist’ Finale Surprise: Look Who’s Back!

Spoiler Alert! This story includes details about tonight’s season finale of NBC’s The Blacklist

NBC’s The Blacklist pulled off a Jon Snow. A month after Liz’s (Megan Boone) smilingly tragic death right after child birth, she resurfaced alive and well toward the end of tonight’s episode of The Blacklist. In a scene that appeared to have been shot before Boone left for maternity leave, Liz is reunited with her husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) and their newborn daughter in Cuba.

kaplan-blacklistAnd that was not the biggest surprise. Ever since the April episode in which Liz dies aired, there had been a ton of speculation that the demise, likely a story devise to accommodate Boone’s pregnancy, was another attempt by Red (James Spader) to fake Liz’s death as a protective measure. The twist? It wasn’t Red, it was actually his trusted “cleaner,” Kate Kaplan who had arranged the fake-out, even fooling her boss. The plan backfired when Red’s nemesis Alexander Kirk, who had been behind the attempt to abduct Liz, tracked Tom who led his people to the newly reunited family in Cuba.

the-blacklist-season-3-liz“How,” Red asked Kate in his steely voice while the two were on a private plane to Cuba, rushing to stop Kirk from harming Liz and the baby. She explained her elaborate plan that involved getting the doctor to fake Liz’s death by putting her in an induced coma so deep that even Red, sitting next to her, did not suspect a thing. Kate insisted she did it for baby Agnes, with Liz’s full cooperation. “A child was paying the price for Liz’s association with you,” Kate said. ” She loved her daughter that much.”

By the time team Reddington got to Cuba, the young family was gone, their house thrashed, blood on the floor. “Kate, what am I gonna do with you, Kate,” Red said in his most menacing voice, clutching her face.

In the final scene, Liz was tied up to a chair, with Alexander Kirk walking in. He would not tell her where her husband and daughter are but would drop the final bombshell in the episode: he is Liz’s father.

Stay tuned for a Q&A with The Blacklist creator/executive producer Jon Bokenkamp about tonight’s developments.


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