Josh Gad Gives 10 Reasons Why Families Should See ‘Angry Birds’ & Thumbs Up To New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer


Josh Gad aka Olaf the snowman from Frozen and most recently Chuck the hyperactive yellow canary from Sony/Rovio’s The Angry Birds Movie took to Facebook today with various reasons why families should go out of their way to see his new animated film this weekend, especially when they’re bombarded with such choices as Neighbors 2: Sorority Uprising and Captain America: Civil War. Early estimates predict that Angry Birds is in a nipping battle for second place at the B.O. with Uni’s R-rated comedy sequel for $35M-$40M. Ever the Sony company man, Gad also gave his OK to the second Ghostbusters trailer, which dropped this morning. The first Ghostbusters trailer was bitterly attacked by random misogynists and cyber cynics online. Take a gander and guffaw:

Ten reasons to take your family to see ‪#‎TheAngryBirdsMovie‬ this weekend:

1. Neighbors 2 is most likely not something you want to watch with your 10 year old. It’s like when I watched Indecent Proposal with my mom at 13. I truly regret that.

2. This is the best cast assembled since Captain America: Civil War. Granted that movie opened two weeks ago.

3. This is arguably Sean Penn’s best performance since Mystic River. I say arguably, because you could easily argue against this.

4. It’s the only animated movie in the market place. We have you surrounded. That’s not a threat…actually it is.

5. It answers one of the two most pressing questions to ever face humanity: why are the birds so angry? The other question being “what is our purpose in life,” which the sequel obviously answers.

6. Yes, it’s probably going to be sunny outside this weekend, leading you to want to enjoy the outdoors. But sun exposure is not good for you. Angry Birds is trying to protect you from yourself.

7. Angry Birds is a family activity, like Twister or listening to Bey or going to a place of worship.

8. Angry Birds is the Frozen of its generation but without the Princesses or the songs or the fairy tale setting — I think I misunderstood the question.

9. It’s the most fun two hours you’ll spend in a theater this year other than watching Adele and none of you are going to get tickets to Adele.

10. It could be worse. We could be doing Tetris: The Movie which by the way is now a thing.

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