‘The Night Watchmen’ Trailer: Killer Clowns From Beyond The Grave

EXCLUSIVE: What happens when you combine terrifying, killing-machine vampires, the crumminess of working at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, and the inherent creepiness of clowns? The Night Watchmen, a new horror-comedy from director Mitchell Altieri (aka The Butcher Brothers), currently being repped at Cannes, seeks to provide the definitive answer: it sucks for everyone (except the audience). Set in a nondescript corporate office building in Baltimore, The Night Watchmen follows four inept security guards who, along with a sexy tabloid journalist, find themselves up against a horde of hungry vampire clowns. Called clownpires. Let that sink in, and see for yourself in the exclusive trailer above. Warning: slightly not safe for work.

Nightwatchmen PosterI’m not going to lie: I was sold on “let’s go kill some dead people” alone. But the trailer is, honestly, great, and it has me thinking of The Evil Dead, Big Trouble in Little China, John Dies at the End, and the camp cable re-runs classic Killer Clowns From Outer Space. This kind of in-the-trenches, one-liners at the ready working class horror concept is a rare beast these days. Here’s hoping the film lives up to what we see here.

Written by Dan DeLuca and co-written by Jamie Nash, The Night Watchmen stars Ken Arnold, DeLuca, Kevin Jiggetts, James Remar, and Matt Servitto and was produced by Arnold, DeLuca, Jeffrey Allard, and Demetrea Triantafillides. The film is being repped for international sales right now at Cannes by Automatic Entertainment.

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