Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: ‘Angie Tribeca’ EP & Cast On “Surreal” TBS Comedy


“I did a lot of sort of network sitcoms, which are all about story and arch and character and stuff, and this kind of absurdist, satirical, surreal stuff takes a tremendous amount of brain power to come up with the dumbest things,” said Angie Tribeca EP Ira Ungerleider about the TBS series. Joined by cast members Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Dean Cole and Andree Vermeulen, the ex-How I Met Your Mother producer was speaking at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys all-day event at the DGA Theater.

Created by Steve Carell and Nancy Walls Carell and also starring Rashida Jones in the title role, the LAPD comedy debuted on January 17 with a 25-hour marathon of Season 1. In the vein of Police Squad and The Naked Gun flicks, “there’s literally nothing too stupid to do,” says Burns of Angie Tribeca.

“The thing with this show is you don’t even know what is being created until you get there,” adds Cole of the deadpan show. “Like I’ll show up on set and there’ll be like a purple furry fire truck and I’ll just be like ‘ah yeah, it’s about to be real stupid today.’”

So go with that and click on the video to see my conversation with Angie Tribeca’s Ungerleider, MacArthur, Burns, Cole and Vermeulen. You’ll learn about the craziness behind one of the funniest shows around. And remember, Season 2 of Angie Tribeca premiered on June 6.

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