Fox Networks Says It Can Target Ads In Venues Where They Can’t Be Skipped

Much like NBCUniversal did in its upfront presentation this morning, Fox Networks Ad Sales President Toby Byrne used his company’s event to attack digital competitors while vowing to give buyers opportunities to make sure their ads aren’t skipped.

“Non-premium sub-prime video may get short moments of interest, ” Byrne told advertisers at New York’s Beacon Theater. “But we provide an immersive experience.” Audiences generally watch premium TV shows 90% of the time they view online videos, and millennials spend 80%.

He calls digital metrics “rigged” adding that published accounts of Internet views inflate the size of the digital audience vs those counted as TV viewers. “The number of views sound impressive, but non-premium video can’t hold a candle to TV’s scale and engaged audience.”

The company’s especially hot on VOD where, he says, “viewers can’t escape your ads” because fast-forwarding is disabled.

Having some of the most watched shows on VOD “proves that audiences will seek out bold, compelling emotionally charged programming.” With Fox’s streaming apps and Hulu — which Fox co-owns with Comcast and Disney — “you get the total non-linear audience” representing 28% of the company’s entertainment viewing.

He says that by looking at Fox-supplied, non-Nielsen data the company can “deliver your true prospects” and enable buyers to reach linear and non-linear viewers “in a way that’s more precise, efficient, and accountable.”

Fox also is “leading a new era of branded content partnerships that immerse your brand organically inside the storyline as well as inside the game.”

In March the company introduced its Audience Insights Manager that provides network data to help buyers decide where to place spots, gave guarantees across Fox networks and non-linear properties.


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