Ryan Gosling On His ‘Nice Guys’ Co-Star: “Russell Could Be A Stunt Coordinator If He Wanted To” – Cannes Studio

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The Nice Guys wouldn’t be a Shane Black-Joel Silver movie if there weren’t a lot of stunts, and the guy who guided Ryan Gosling through a number of tosses and tumbles was none other than Russell Crowe.

“He has just done it so much, every time we had those scenes, I’d let him drive,” says Gosling.

In this clip, Gosling, Crowe and director Shane Black discuss the moment that kicks the action off in The Nice Guys, as seen in the trailer: When Crowe’s brutish debt collector Jackson Healy breaks the arm of Gosling’s private eye Holland March. It’s just a warning from Healy for March to stop tracking missing porn star Amelia.

Crowe is more than happy to take some credit for the stunt work, “I’ve done a lot of that stuff, ya know, so I always find it just goes a lot smoother and faster if I sort of become part of the construction of the shot.”

However, it wasn’t Crowe who Black had to worry about, but Gosling.

“The stuff that scared me is when Ryan would insist on doing his own stunts, throwing himself through glass and downstairs,” said the director, “He, of course,  just thinks it’s funny”.

The Nice Guys makes its Cannes Film Festival premiere tonight out of competition at the Grand Theatre Lumiere at 10:30PM.


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