Joann Sfar Sinks Teeth Into ‘Petit Vampire’; Studiocanal Selling – Cannes

Autochenille Production

Studiocanal and Joann Sfar’s Autochenille Production are prepping an animated feature adaptation of Sfar’s own comic series, Petit Vampire. Sfar, whose credits include The Prophet, The Rabbi’s Cat and Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, will direct. Petit Vampire was first published in 1999. The film version will be an original story taking some elements from the first volume of the comic.

The story is centered on the bored Little Vampire. He’s been 10 years old for 300 years and wants to go to school to make friends. Michael is an orphan, misbehaves at school, and finds himself quite at ease when he discovers the enchanting world of his undead friend. The boys hit it off immediately, but the terrifying Gibbus — a supernatural moon-headed creature who has sworn to destroy the living dead’s happy little community — will put many an obstacle in their path.

Autochenille is producing with Panache Productions. Studiocanal co-produces and is selling international rights.

This is a reteam for Sfar and Studiocanal chief Didier Lupfer who worked together on Gainsbourg. It’s also part of Studiocanal’s push into animated and family fare after the likes of Paddington, Shaun The Sheep and the upcoming Early Man.

Published by Delcourt, Petit Vampire has sold about 320,000 copies and made the New York Times Top 10 Picture Books bestseller list.

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