The Weinstein Co Signs Up Bankers To Look For Strategic Investor In TV Unit

Interested in buying a stake in The Weinstein Company’s television business? Now’s your chance: The studio has hired investment bank Moelis & Co as well as Thomas Dey’s ACF Investment Bank to look for investors who can help the TV operation expand into additional markets — and help TWC’s backers to see a reward.

The TV unit is believed to be worth at least $650 million, based on its EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of about $50 million.

“We want to find strategic partners who can help grow it,” COO David Glasser tells me. “We have the book done now with Moelis and are going out to market, and it will be an exciting time.”

Heidi-Klum-Project-RunwayA deal likely would leave TWC’s Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and Glasser, in control of the unit that they believe is poised to grow as the market for TV productions expands — both globally, and from new digital providers including Netflix and Amazon Prime. TWC is responsible for Project Runway and Netflix’s Marco Polo and upcoming productions including War And Peace, Ten Commandments, The Hour Of Peril, and History’s Six.

Although the company is focused on landing a strategic partner, the cash would also be used “to monetize for our investors and our partners” and develop both the TV and film operations, Glasser says.

Still, “it’s not just a financial play,” he adds. “It’s a play to find partners who want to help grow the business.” He describes the financial situation as “phenomenal” which “puts the company on a really substantial growth process.”

What’s more, there’s “a ton of partners out there who are looking for great content.”

The plans took shape after TWC’s talks about a sale of the TV unit to ITV collapsed last year. “We went from dating to marriage very quickly,” Glasser says. The company had to juggle work to prepare for the sale even as it was negotiating terms for a transaction.

Since then, “we took the time with our advisors to properly lay everything out, get the company completely separated out. And now it’s in pristine shape to go out to market.”

The Financial Times first reported TWC’s plans.

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