Liam Neeson To Star In Remake Of Norwegian Actioner ‘In Order Of Disappearance’

Liam Neeson In Order Of Disappearance

EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson is set to star in a remake of the hit Norwegian film In Order Of Disappearance, to be directed by Hans Petter Molland, helmer of the original that debuted to acclaim in Berlin in 2014. Frank Baldwin is writing the script. Studiocanal has set up the project with producer Michael Shamberg and Finn Gjerdum and Stein Kvae, the Norwegian producers who did the original. Paul Schwartzman is exec producer.

Neeson will play the protagonist role originated by Stellan Skarsgard. He’s a snowplow driver who doesn’t get worked up about much, until his son is murdered and it is made to look like an overdose, by criminals involved in drug deals. It turns the mild-mannered man’s attention from snow to body removal and becomes a tense action thriller with Dirty Harry-esque intensity, where bad guys pile up like snow drifts when the killers suspect a rival gang. The remake is being re-imagined to take place in a U.S. resort like Aspen with a different set of ethnic rivals than the Euro version, so Neeson’s character stays behind the wheel of the snow plow.

Neeson is prepping to star in the Peter Landesman-directed Felt, playing former FBI No. 2 Mark Felt, who became the Deep Throat source during the Watergate cover-up that undid the Nixon Administration. WME reps Baldwin, who adapted the John Grisham novel The Racketeer and the Robert Cooley/Hillel Levin novel When Corruption Was King; CAA reps Neeson, Molland and Shamberg, and Schwartzman is Molland’s manager.

Here’s a trailer that gives a feel for the original:

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