Fullscreen Revamps To Help Advertisers Create Digital Channels -Newfronts

Fullscreen’s new subscription service is ad-free, but that doesn’t mean the Otter Media-owned digital video platform is uninterested in helping companies sell their wares. At a Newfront presentation to advertisers today, the company unveiled a reorganization — including an initiative to help product sellers develop and promote their own digital channels and content.

The corporate entity, controlled by Peter Chernin’s joint venture with AT&T, has been rebranded as Fullscreen Media. It includes Fullscreen Creator Network, which helps sponsors to develop their own channels, and Fullscreen Entertainment, which develops what it calls “creator-driven experiences” from Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Productions and houses the Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen subscription VOD operations.

Now there’s a third branch: Fullscreen Brandworks, which will help advertisers “tap into the power of the new social ecosystem.” The unit is run by former Razorfish CEO Pete Stein, who joined the company in January.

To showcase the company’s ambitions, Fullscreen unveiled today an alliance with Mattel to promote the Hot Wheels Network. Fullscreen says it will enable the toy manufacturer to “create deep, repeatable relationships with influencers to drive brand buzz, viewership and inspire kids to play with Hot Wheels in new ways.”

The jargon-laden announcement also says it will give Mattel “fluidity in integrated marketing messages throughout the course of the year, through multiple campaigns across social platforms, delivered by handpicked influencers that have an organic affinity to the Hot Wheels brand.”

Fullscreen Brandworks will guarantee the number of target customers advertisers will reach, verified by Nielsen data.

“We placed a big bet early on that creators would become media channels in their own right,” says Fullsceen Media CEO George Strompolos. “Today, we stand as a next generation media company transforming the way people watch and engage with content, serving creators, consumers and brands that share this vision.”

In addition to the Brandworks initiatives, Fullscreen announced HerScreen and HisScreen that will tap “the most popular, demographically rich female and male creator channels” and offer sponsors audience guarantees verified with Nielsen and Comscore data.

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