Disney Sets Records In Race To $1B Domestic, $2B International, $3B Global


With such films from the Disney stable as Zootopia, The Jungle Book and now Captain America: Civil War swinging at the global box office, The Walt Disney Studios scored a hat-trick of records this weekend. In 128 days of 2016, the Mouse crossed $1B domestic with $1.121B to date. The studio also crossed $2B international with $2.22B and zoomed past $3B global with $3.341B. Each is a new industry record, supplanting those set by Universal in 2015 which hit $2B international in 162 days; and $1B domestic and $3B global in 165.

Speed records to the $2B international and $3B global milestones have now been set two years in a row (before Uni raced to the benchmarks in 2015, Fox had held the records since 2010). Domestically in 2015, Uni bested Paramount’s record which dated back to 2008. Disney in 2015 got to $1B domestic in 174 days; its fastest ever climb at the time. It has now shaved roughly 37 days off all three records set last year.

It did so with Zootopia now the No. 1 movie of 2016 worldwide ($956.4M) and internationally ($628.8M); along with The Jungle Book at No. 3 globally ($776.2M) and No. 4 amongst Western films internationally ($491.2M); and Captain America: Civil War which is already the No. 5 movie worldwide of 2016 at $678.4M and the No. 3 Western title overseas at $496.6M. Those last figures are from one weekend of domestic and two of offshore play.

Also in the mix for Disney this year is a portion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which continued play worldwide throughout early 2016 and grossed 30% of its domestic $936M in this calendar year. Another $125M came just from China in 2016.

Looking ahead for the Mouse, The Jungle Book has yet to bow in Korea and Japan. Beyond that is a series of titles that will continue to provide a mega boost to box office. Alice Through The Looking Glass starts international rollout on May 25; Pixar sequel Finding Dory gets its fins on June 16; Marvel’s Doctor Strange begins October 26; and Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story starts going galactic on December 14.

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