Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Video: ‘The Path’ Is Not “The Scientology Show” Says Creator And Stars

The Path Aaron Paul Michelle Monaghan

Hulu’s new drama series The Path was just renewed for a second season this week, and when the stars Aaron Paul , Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy , along with creator and Executive Producer Jessica Goldberg participated in Deadline’s first-ever Contenders Emmys all day event last month at the DGA, they indicated it is a topic that is worth exploring for several seasons to come – hopefully.  The story of a religious cult called the Meyerist Movement , the show is quite unlike anything you would see on regular network TV , so a streaming service like Hulu was the perfect home and these artists are happy with the response.  Paul talks about growing up in a religious household  and being fascinated in the reasons people turn to religion.   Dancy speaks about the fascination with the different definitions that separate cults  religions.  Monaghan has high praise for the writers and how the show is coming into its own in a complex way. Goldberg states emphatically this show is not meant to be a thinly disguised version of Scientology , pointing to the fact that there of thousands of religions.  She tells me in our conversation (just click the link above to watch) how her own “existential” crisis lead to the inspiration to create this show. Unlike Netflix  Hulu is debuting each new episode on a weekly basis , eventually making each season available in its entirety at the end of their individual runs.   Deadlines The Contenders Emmys is an event for TV Academy members and highlighted over 35 shows.

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