WGA West Members Reject Longer Terms For Guild Officers

WGA West

Members of the WGA West have narrowly rejected a proposed amendment to the guild’s constitution that would have allowed their elected leaders to serve longer in office before having to face re-election. The vote was 702 in favor to 368 opposed — falling just 11 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed for adoption.

Howard RodmanThe amendment, which had the support of the guild’s board and WGA West president Howard Rodman, would have allowed elected officers to serve six consecutive years before being termed out and allowed board members to serve nine consecutive years before having to step down.

The defeated amendment also sought to take guild politics out of contract negotiations by modifying the election cycle so that no elections would be held in years when the guild’s three-year film and TV contracts are negotiated.

Two other amendments, however, were approved. One, approved 841-225, will reduce the number of board candidates the guild’s nominating committee is required to nominate during each election. The other, approved 810-257, will reduce the number of supporting signatures that candidates need to be nominated when they run by petition for officer positions and for the board.

Rodman had said that the amendments had been designed “to make the guild’s election process more compatible with the actual work of union governance.”

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