“Does this offend you? This word?” Lemon asked, hopefully, as he teased his show’s upcoming topic with his made-for-social-media sign.

That night, Wilmore had reacted to Lemon’s segment by showing the CNN host his own race cardLarry Wilmore smaller.  In his funny take-down of Lemon, Wilmore initially declined to say the other “conjugation” of the word on his Comedy Central late-night show, opting instead for the cautious “N Word.”

“Wow! You went literal race card! Oh my gosh! Phew!” Wilmore emoted while fanning himself, as if Lemon’s card was giving him the vapors. “You want to see what really offends me,” Wilmore said of Lemon’s sign, holding up one of his own.

“Hey Don! I know a better N word you should focus on: news,” Wilmore said.

Getting back to Wilmore’s first post-WHCD show, having concluded the conversation about conjugating the colloquialism, this happened: