John Oliver Message To Cicada Skitters Toward 1M Views In Web-Only ‘Last Week Tonight’ Segment


John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight web-only segment, updating emerging cicadas as to what has been going on in the country during their 17 years underground, just breezed past half a million views and is making a rapid clip toward 1M. In his message to the insect, posted to YouTube last night, Oliver touches on Beyonce, who has risen from Destiny’s Child lead singer to our reigning queen, and the insufferability of Red Sox fans. He also broke it to them that some things so popular in ’99 are much less so now, including The Cosby Show reruns.

A third Bush White House already had been rejected by Americans by “an enormous margin,” Oliver updated, but refrained from breaking the news that Donald Trump is the current GOP front-runner, lest they worry that there will be no planet left in another 17 years, when their offspring would be crawling to the surface for their own few short weeks of procreation.

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