White House Correspondents’ Dinner: The Five Best Moments

President Obama’s Final White House Correspondents Dinner will go down as one of the more memorable. Not necessarily for the right reasons:

Carrie Fisher’s Dog Upstages Hollywood Celebs At Red Carpet

While Hollywood starlets demonstrated their over-the-shoulder red carpet poses to mystified Washingtonians, Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary Fisher stole their spotlight. Carrie and Gary were guests of The Guardian, as was Tom Hiddleston. “Is Gary going into the dinner?” CBS News asked Carrie on the red carpet.  “Of course he is – he loves Obama,” Fisher answered, reasonably.

Obama Mic Drops One Last Time As POTUS

The exact origin of Mic Dropping is unclear – Chris Rock has used it since the 80s – but it became a cultural meme during the Obama years. Key & Peele did a sketch early on in which Obama won a rap battle, then dropped the mic. Actual Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show some time after that, to slow jam the news, and dropped the mic when he was finished. Tonight, Obama, having killed in the room, dropped his mic again and Twitter erupted:

Don Lemon Gives Larry Wilmore An Insta-Review

Comedy Central late-night host Larry Wilmore spent much of his time at the podium blasting the media. That included major shade-throwing in the direction of CNN’s Don Lemon: “Some of America’s finest black journalists are here tonight. Don Lemon is here too,” Wilmore snarked. When Lemon waved at him from the ballroom, Wilmore added, “Hey, Don! How’s it going, alleged journalist Don Lemon?”

Lemon responded:

Later in the evening’s festivities, Lemon and Wilmore’s mutual agent, Jay Sures, wanted Deadline to know they were still BFFs when the dust settled:


Obama’s Final White House Correspondents Dinner Opening

Presidential speeches have never opened better:

“Good evening everybody. It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last White House Correspondents Dinner. The end of the Republic has never looked better.

“I do apologize,  I know I was a little late tonight. I was running on CPT. Which stands for ‘Jokes that White People Should Not Make.’ Anyway, here we are. My eighth and final appearance at this unique event. And I am excited. If this material works well, I’m gonna use it at Goldman Sachs next year. Earn me some serious Tubmans.”


Larry Wilmore Makes America Forget Donald Trump For A Moment

After lambasting the media jammed into Washington’s Hinkley Hilton, Wilmore capped his set with a head snapping pivot, paying tribute to Obama’s White House legacy.

“When I was a kid… a black man was thought, by his mere color, not good enough to lead a football team. And now to live in your time, when a black man can lead the entire free world,” Wilmore began.

“Words alone do me no justice…I’m going to keep it 100: Yo, Barry. You did it, my n*gga!” Wilmore raved.

TV News operations will be discussing it for days. That is time they will not be talking about Trump. Thank you, Larry!


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