‘Captain America: Civil War’ Shoots To $84M In 3 Days At Offshore Box Office – Saturday Update


UPDATE Saturday, 8:38 AM: With another eight international territories opening Friday, Captain America: Civil War‘s launch frame is still running on par with the performance of Avengers: Age of Ultron last year and has now taken in $84M in three days of release. Team Cap and Team Iron Man are currently busting it up in 38 offshore markets. In Mexico yesterday, they beat Ultron‘s start to log the best industry opening of all time, according to Disney, with a haul of $7.3M. The UK opening of $7M also enjoyed a No. 1 launch, which was 33% ahead of Ultron and more than double that of Iron Man 3.

In Japan, where CACW more than doubled the opening of Iron Man 3, Cap 3 grabbed $2.8M and is expected to take advantage of the Golden Week holiday that’s just kicking off there. In Spain, the latest in the Marvel/Disney franchise grossed $1.4M, only about 2% behind Ultron‘s opening day. The film is No. 1 in the country right now. Civil War is open in 63% of its international footprint with all key markets released except for Russia, China, Italy and Argentina. Those territories open next weekend.

At $946M international ($893M at current exchange rates), Ultron is Marvel’s biggest overseas film ever and the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time in offshore play. Further demonstrated by the Friday numbers, Cap 3 is playing like an Avengers extension overseas, rather than a solo superhero threequel. Ultron opened with $212M last year (at today’s exchange) despite a difference in the debut roster of markets. We’ll have the full weekend numbers tomorrow.

Anita Busch contributed to this report

PREVIOUSLY, Friday, 9:16 AM: After debuting in 15 overseas markets on Wednesday, Disney/Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War added another 15 on Thursday. The cume to date is now $38.7M. While Wednesday’s suite of launches was concentrated in Europe and Asia, Thursday saw Latin America enter the picture with some key plays outperforming comp Avengers: Age of Ultron at debut. There are No. 1s in all 30 territories, with Civil War pacing on par with that film across the same grouping. Ultron is Marvel’s biggest international film ever at a total $946M ($893M at current exchange rates) and also the highest-grossing superhero movie ever in offshore play. With Team Cap and Team Iron Man in the mix, Cap 3 clearly is playing overseas more like an Avengers extension than a solo superhero threequel.

Korea continues to lead the Cap pack after debuting on Wednesday. The total there is $7.7M. France has leapt to $3.7M after two days. Its start on Wednesday was the biggest of any movie in 2016.

In new plays, Brazil scored the No. 2 industry opening of all time, behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The $2.7M Thursday haul there is 31% ahead of Ultron. That’s especially notable given that some of the markets that bowed on Wednesday saw slightly lower comparisons to that Avengers picture.

Australia opened 3% above Ultron with $2.3M, while Germany was 1% behind that film with $1.9M. Elsewhere, Chile and Central America scored the No. 3 industry opening day of all time, and the Netherlands gave Steve Rogers & crew the biggest superhero movie launch ever.

As I’ve previously noted, ahead of blastoff, industry sources have been predicting a debut session on either side of $200M for the full overseas opening frame. If the film continues to play like Ultron, it could get close to its $212M launch last year (at today’s exchange) despite a difference in the opening roster of markets. Russia is a key play that’s not yet on Cap 3‘s team, but unlike Ultron, Spain, Mexico and Japan are.

The latter two markets and the UK booted up today, along with Iceland, Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador. Once those are added, the Anthony- and Joe Russo-helmed mash-up will be in 63% of the international marketplace. The remaining offshore territories of China, Russia, Italy and Argentina all open next weekend.

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