‘The Nice Guys’ Extremely Accurate 70s Retro Trailer: Like A Hug From A Pet Rock

Warner Bros Pictures

Shane Black’s upcoming neonoir The Nice Guys has from the very first trailer heavily played up the fact that it’s a 1970s throwback buddy comedy, right down to the 70s-era Warner Bros logo. That joke is taken to the logical extreme with the latest trailer, narrated, cut and even given a color wash to look exactly like the kind of trailer that now exists only in blu-ray special feature menus. Over-explaining the plot: check. Weird cuts to random scenes that feel a little too context-free: check. Voice over narration that sounds like it was recorded in the emphysema ward: check. It’s kind of amazing and you can watch it here now.

Black’s third writer-director outing following 2005’s Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and 2013’s Iron Man 3, the zinger-laced action comedy co-written with Anthony Bagarozzi stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling respectively as tough guy and a private detective who team up to locate a missing girl with ties to 1970s L.A. politics, the porn industry, and organized crime. In other words, the usual Shane Black material. In other, other words, I am 100% sold on this one. Matt Bomer, Jack Kilmer, Ty Simpkins, Keith David, Beau Knapp and Angourie Rice co-star in the Warner Bros pic that hits theaters May 20.

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