Kelly Ripa’s New Contract Strategy: Screaming Hairy Armadillo


A screaming hairy armadillo gave Kelly Ripa headlines this morning at the expense of her soon-to-be-ex co-host Michael Strahan – and, of course, the armadillo – on Live with Kelly and Michael.

Wildlife pitchman Peter Gros trotted out the little animal, who began to shriek, which we know from that time National Wildlife Federation rep David Mizejewski took one to entertain Conan O’Brien’s late-night audience, is something they only do when they are “really really freaked out, which we don’t want to do.”

“I want to take him into contract negotiations with me,” Ripa snarked of the screaming animal, as Strahan looked uncomfortable and reporters began writing snappy lines about Ripa having so winningly thrown shade him — though his discomfort might have had more to do with compassion for the animal’s obvious distress than with Ripa’s pointed crack.

Disney-ABC announced a couple weeks ago Strahan was leaving Live to join ABC News’ Good Morning America full-time in the fall – a development first conveyed to Ripa about half an hour before the press got it. Ripa reacted to the dis by going MIA for a few days. She returned to the show this past Tuesday, saying her walk-off had triggered a conversation at the company about respect in the workplace. It also triggered ABC-Disney’s decision to pull Strahan off Live earlier than they had announced days earlier, to get his replacement settled in ASAP, what with Ripa’s contract coming up in 2017 and the star so clearly miffed with management. Today’s armadillo joke would seem to suggest Ripa has more where last week’s walk-off came from.

“He always gets his way with the predators,” Gros joked to Ripa of the armadillo, to help her joke along, still brandishing the terrified creature.

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