Kelly Ripa’s New Co-Host Cast By ‘Daily Show’s Lewis Black

Comedy Central

The Daily Show thinks Lewis Black would make a perfect new co-host for Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Exiting Michael.

“I’d kick your ass myself I you were the size of the last guy who left that show,” Black says of departing co-host Michael Strahan, who announced two weeks ago he’s bailing to join Good Morning America full-time. “How dare you leave Kelly! Watching you and her playfully banter is the only thing that gets me up in the morning,” Lewis bellowed on last night’s The Daily Show.

Lewis jumped on the story because of the high drama that ensued when Ripa went MIA after Strahan’s announcement, after learning of the Strahan move less than half an hour before it was reported in the press. Returning to work this week on Tuesday, she said her decision to walk off the job led to a discussion with Disney-ABC execs about “respect in the workplace.” (Presumably also to a discussion about how better to keep key company players in the loop, and better keep Reporters Who Cover TV in the dark.)

Reports ABC wanted to give Ripa’s timeslot to Good Morning America so that ABC News program could expand to three hours, Black pilloried: “ABC wants GMA to have a third hour so it can breathe, .. just like how Germany took over Poland so it could breathe.”

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