Acting Coach Cameron Thor Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

Acting coach Cameron Thor today was sentenced to six years in state prison, two years less than the maximum, for lewd conduct with a 13-year-old female student in 2009.

A  Los Angeles jury found him guilty in August of molesting then-eighth-grader Jordyn Ladell, who accused him of forcing her to have oral sex after they smoked pot in the backseat of his car on a desolate turnout in the Santa Monica Mountains. He admitted smoking pot with her there, but denied having had any kind of sexual contact.

In handing down the sentence, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Martin Herscovitz told the court that Thor took advantage of the girl’s vulnerability and the dysfunction of her family. Ladell, as well as her mother and father, read lengthy statements before the sentencing was announced.

Thor had small but prominent roles in Jurassic Park, A Few Good Men and Clear And Present Danger, but was best known as a respected LA-based acting coach.

Thor’s attorney Mark Geragos insisted his client was innocent and vowed to appeal. “In this case, with all due respect to the court, they (the jury) got it wrong this time,” he said.

Deputy District Attorney Simone Shay declined comment on the sentencing. She originally charged Thor with 13 counts of felony assault, including two that carried life sentences. All but one was thrown out, and before the trial, she offered him a deal: plead guilty to a misdemeanor and he’d be set free with only time-served – the 23 days he’d already spent in jail following his arrest in 2014.

Maintaining his innocence and not wanting to be labeled as a sex offender, he refused the deal and took his chances in court.


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