‘Vincent N Roxxy’ A Throwback To ’70s Cinema Rebellion – Tribeca Studio

Emile Hirsch
Mark Mann

“This film is about what family is,” explained filmmaker Gary Michael Schultz about his new movie Vincent N Roxxy. “Family isn’t always people you’re related to, but about who you surround yourself with.” Schultz discussed the film, which played the Tribeca Film Festival, during a visit to Deadline’s Tribeca Studio.

The feature stars Zoë Kravitz and Emile Hirsch as an on-the-run rebellious punk rocker and small town loner who fall in love but discover that violence follows them everywhere. Schultz said Vincent N Roxxy was inspired by some of his favorite ‘70s dramas like Badlands, Taxi Driver and Five Easy Pieces.

“These are films that really spoke to Americana, but I wanted to see what that would feel like today,” said Schultz, who stopped by the Deadline Photo Studio with co-stars Zoey Deutch and Emory Cohen.

“I play JC, who is Vincent’s brother,” said Cohen. “Vincent gets into a little bit of trouble, so he comes home to visit me and my girl. While at home, he meets Roxxy, Zoe Kravitz’s character. Our part of the story is about four strangers trying to build a home together. They’re degenerates, sort of outsiders, but they’re family.”

Deutch said movies tend to show strong female characters that are outstanding “supporters” who often lack the typical flaws characters with depth possess. She said that Kravitz’s Roxxy and her character Kate celebrate those shortcomings.

“We’re lacking women that are messed up and have baggage…because that’s real,” she said. “My character isn’t trailer trash, but we describe her as a ‘trailer flower.’”

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