“I’m Winning. It’s Over” Elated Donald Trump Announces As He Sweeps Five Primary States – Update

Donald Trump Town Hall

Updated with Trump & Clinton speeches; voting results: “I’m winning. It’s over,” an elated Donald Trump said, declaring himself the presumptive GOP nominee after sweeping all five of today’s primary states.

“I want to thank the media, the media has covered me very fair for the last two hours,” Trump continued – yes, he was that euphoric. “They’ve been really very fair over the last few weeks, and it’s amazing what’s been happening,” he continued, saying his crowds have been “bigger than Bernie’s — but Bernie’s second.”

The Democratic party “has treated Bernie very badly and, frankly, I think he should run as an independent,” Trump said, continuing on the Bernie theme.

Like Trump, Hillary Clinton, who won four of five states, also devoted a chunk of her victory speech to Sanders:

“I applaud Senator Sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics, and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality. And I know together we will get that done,” she said.

“If you are a Democrat, an Independent, or a thoughtful Republican, you know their approach is not going to build an America where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality,” Clinton said of the GOP. “So instead of letting them take us backwards we want to take America to be in the future business.”

Speaking of Clinton, Trump tonight said, “She’s crooked; she’ll be a horrible president. She knows nothing about job creation… except for jobs for herself. I will do far more for women then Hillary Clinton will do, including protecting our country.” Clinton only has the “woman card” to play, he snarked. As he was victory lapping, TV networks called Connecticut for Clinton, giving her the fourth of tonight’s five states.

Previously: TV networks, who called GOP front-runner Donald Trump the party’s winner in three of five states holding primaries today the moment polls closed, gave him a clean sweep about 30 minutes later.

At about the same time, TV News outlets declared Hillary Clinton Delaware’s Dem winner, adding that to the Maryland win they’d called for her the minute polls closed. At 5:49 PM PT, the nets called the important Pennsylvania contest for Clinton.

At 6:15, MSNBC projected Clinton rival Bernie Sanders to take Rhode Island.

While the media at least waited until the polls closed to start making initial calls, Trump’s GOP rival Sen. Ted Cruz wasted no time in blaming the media for the real estate mogul’s expected sweep:

“If you find yourself wondering why the media are so eager to have Donald as the Republican nominee, you don’t have to look any further  than today’s USA Today – 40% of GOP voters doubt they’d vote for Trump,” Cruz said, beginning his Loser’s Lament. “I want you to think about that for a second. Network executives, are they Democrats or Republicans? Every one of them are really for Hillary, and Donald Trump is the one man on earth Hillary can beat,” he ranted. According to Cruz, “the media” has decided that both party candidates are “going to be New York liberals. But I got good news for you, that after tonight this campaign moves back to more favorable terrains. Tonight this campaign moves back to Indiana and Nebraska and North Dakota and Washington and California!”

About 15 minutes after polls closed, Clinton’s Dem rival Bernie Sanders vowed not to drop out of the race, and blamed tonight’s showing – not on the media, which was refreshing, but on the process. “In New York state last week three million people in New York state could not vote, because they were independents. Those folks, and folks like them all over this country, will be voting in November for the next President of the United States,” Sanders said as his rally supporters shouted approval.

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