‘Jungle Book’ A $341.3M Offshore Beast As ‘Huntsman’ Musters $79.1M; ‘Zootopia’ Tops $900M Global – Int’l B.O. Final

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cinemaworldUPDATE, Monday, 3:14 PM: With a better-than-expected $98.9M weekend in international markets, The Jungle Book is still king of the box office. The frame reps a roughly 30% drop from last week and brings the offshore kitty to $341.3M ($4M more than estimated yesterday). Along with the domestic swing, the global total for Mowgli and the rest of the pack is $528.48M. Disney’s Jon Favreau-helmed Jungle-naut put the freeze on Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War in major markets including China, where the latter launched at No. 3 for the weekend (the previous installment did not release in the Middle Kingdom).

Overall, Huntsman added 37 territories in its third offshore frame and grossed $30.9M to stuff the overseas War chest with $79.1M to date. The worldwide total will cross $98.5M today. It will be No. 2 for the weekend internationally after pulling the biggest frame of its offshore run. But it’s too little too late as next session sees the international rollout of Captain America: Civil War begin in many major plays.

And, because it really does appear to be a Disney world after all, also near the top of the food chain this frame is another animal charmer from the Mouse House. Zootopia hopped up a total $12.2M in 41 markets including Japan, where it launched to $4M. The overseas cume is approaching $600M, and it has reached $908.5M worldwide.

Meanwhile, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice fanned out to another $8.4M worth of ticket buyers. The overseas total is now $532.4M for $851.8M global.

Breakdowns on the above and more have been updated below. More to come…

Bastille DayStudioCanal’s Bastille Day opened in UK cinemas on April 22 after some release-date wrangling in the wake of the Paris terror attacks in November. The thriller, which sees Idris Elba as a CIA agent trying to thwart a terrorist attack on French soil, also hit a handful of smaller markets, though only UK numbers are currently available. The weekend was worth an estimated $1.04M there including previews. Richard Madden also stars with Elba, Kelly Reilly and Charlotte Le Bon. Directed by James Watkins (The Woman in Black), Bastille Day continues rollout over the next few months and bows on the timely date of July 13 in France, three days after the Euro Cup soccer tournament wraps in the country. Comp London Has Fallen recently grossed $15.4M in the UK and $2.3M in France. There is currently no China date on Bastille Day, though LHF saw its fortunes boosted by the market and has taken over $50M there. Other recent comps include Hitman: Agent 47 ($60M offshore) and The Transporter Refueled ($57M).

THE JUNGLE BOOKIn 53 territories that rep about 91% of the international marketplace, The Jungle Book grossed $98.9M this weekend. Its biggest offshore play is China at $98.9M to date, followed by the UK ($31M), India ($29.5M), Russia ($17.5M) and Mexico ($15.7M). The film earlier this week became the biggest Hollywood release ever in India where the market tends to hew closely to homegrown films. In Russia, local title The Crew took the No 1. spot this weekend with $5M all in, besting The Jungle Book.

Holds were strong across the board, with Latin America dropping just 23%, Europe 22% and Asia-Pacific 38%. In Latin America, Brazil notably jumped by 14% ($6.8M cume), while Mexico saw only a 20% drop.

In Europe, there were No. 1s in all key markets for a $105M cume across the region. That bests the entire run of Oz: The Great and Powerful and is significantly ahead of Maleficent on a like-for-like basis. The UK was tops in the frame with $11.7M. Other standouts include Switzerland (-209%), Austria (-3%) and the Netherlands (-4%).

In Asia, China will cross $100M this week. India shot up to No. 1 this frame, where there is competition from local titles. Australia, which is still enjoying school vacations, dipped just 4% to take the No. 1 spot for the third consecutive weekend ($15.1M cume). New Zealand was a new opener with an estimated $1.3M, more than twice Maleficent’s 2015 bow.

In Imax plays, TJB has a global cume of $39M. Overseas, 484 Imax screens posted a $6.1M weekend for an international total of $20.6M. Korea and Japan are still to release.

the huntsmanUniversal’s prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman scored its biggest offshore haul this weekend in the third frame with $1.2M less than estimated on Sunday. It’s now at $30.9M. That takes the offshore cume to $79.1M in a total of 64 territories including China, which saw a No. 3 bow of $10.4M at 5,932 dates. The first of Uni’s titles under a $500M deal with Chinese co-financier Perfect World Pictures had to contend with The Jungle Book‘s second frame in the Middle Kingdom (today’s numbers are $1.1M off from Sunday) as well as the debut of local melodrama Yesterday Once More, which took an estimated $15M. The film had a decent start in Brazil with $3.1M at 522 dates. It was No. 1 on Saturday but will land at No. 2 for the weekend. France also opened at No. 2 with $2.6M at 506 dates. There were No. 1s in Bulgaria, Peru, Portugal and Turkey.

The global total is now under $100M with $98.5M ahead of the start of Captain America: Civil War in offshore markets this Wednesday, which will put a further freeze on the reportedly $115M budget pic. Audiences haven’t warmed to Winter’s War despite the $240M international gross of the previous film which was partly propelled by the presence of Kristen Stewart. There are three more territories to open: Greece on April 28, Panama on May 5 and Japan on May 27.

zootopia 22Zootopia this frame crossed the $900M worldwide mark with $908.5M. It’s also approaching $600M international with $592.1M to date. Out of a $12.2 international weekend, Japan contributed $4M in its debut. This is Zootopia’s final market and has been considered something of a wild card. The opening makes it the No. 1 Western movie for the weekend and is the third-biggest start for a Disney Studios Animation release, behind Frozen and Big Hero 6. A factor to recall here is that the country is recovering from some major earthquakes, which have affected the southern regions. Japan can be a high-multiple market, so if Zootopia follows the path of some previous films, it has a chance to grow momentum. It’s currently in its 11th weekend of offshore release and playing in 41 territories as the run starts to taper. Still, in France, it has become the top grosser of 2016 with $31.1M at the box office. Both Korea ($29.4M cume) and Australia ($20M) have continued apace with respective drops of 9% and 12% this weekend. The China run is now complete with a staggering $234.4M.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of JusticeAdding $8.4M from about 6,500 screens in 66 markets, Warner Bros’ DC faceoff has grossed $532.4M to date internationally and $851.8M global. While the superheroes have folded up their capes in China ($95M cume), they continue to spar in Brazil with a further $2M this frame and a $34.5M total. In that market, BvS has become the fourth-biggest industry release ever, topping Minions this frame. All markets have been released, and play will peter out now that Marvel’s Captain America is about to rocket off this week. Top 5 cumes outside China and Brazil are the UK with $51.6M, Mexico at $35.7M and Australia’s $22.2M.

DreamWorks Animation’s threequel passed the $500M global mark this weekend after adding $5M in 54 offshore markets. The tally to date overseas is $362.7M and approximately $504.3M worldwide. France continues to be a standout market for KFP3 with a $1.79M weekend, down only about 30% on last frame, and kicking up a $14.57M cume. This was its fourth session there. Australia, with kids on vacation, also dipped slightly (-18%) for a $9.5M total to date.

The BossUniversal’s Melissa McCarthy comedy laughed it up with $3.4M in 25 territories for an $8.3M total overseas and a worldwide cume of just $58M. There were eight markets added this frame including Germany, where McCarthy has excelled in the past. The debut was No. 4 with $845K at 496 dates. Austria also opened No. 4 with $150K at 55 dates; likewise the Netherlands with $222K at 55. Norway rubber-stamped the No. 2 spot with $134K at 110 dates. In holds, Australia continues to perform solidly, taking $1.2M at 241 dates for an 11-day total of $3.5M. The Boss still has several plays to come, notably the UK, a good McCarthy market, on June 10 and just in time for the Euro Cup to kick off making this a potentially smart counterprogramming bet.

With a solid score from the Australian judges, Eddie the Eagle soared to a $2.4M Oz debut on 270 screens this frame and landing the No. 2 spot behind Jungle Book. In total, the weekend was worth $2.86M from 1,157 screens in 31 markets for the Taron Egerton-Hugh Jackman pic. The Fox distributed international cume is $12.18M, with upcoming releases in New Zealand and France. Worldwide, it has grossed $43.5M to date.

An excellent opening in Japan boosted the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar winner’s weekend to $2.1M internationally. That’s on 710 screens in eight markets. The Japan start of $2.1M is bigger than DiCaprio’s Wolf Of Wall Street by 9% and 2.8 times over his Django Unchained. The international cume is now $339.6M.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (LGF): $1.9M weekend, $90.6M international cume
10 Cloverfield Lane (PAR): $1.6M weekend; $34.5M int’l cume
Gods of Egypt (LGF): $1.58M weekend; Germany opened to $727K (410 dates); $109.5M int’l cume
Miracles From Heaven (SONY): $1.4M weekend; Brazil opened to $365K (151 dates); $8.1M int’l cume
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (UNI): $754K weekend; $27.9M int’l (Uni) cume
Toro (UNI): $665K opening in Spain for No. 2
Hail, Caesar! (UNI): $32.3M int’l cume; Mexico opened at No. 11 with $270K (192 dates)

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