Mike Birbiglia & Keegan-Michael Key Get Serious About Comedy In ‘Don’t Think Twice’ – Tribeca Studio

Mark Mann

Keegan-Michael Key had told his agents that he was taking the rest of the year off unless he came across a script that made him cry. And, he says, not just “verklempt – like, tears have to be coming down my face or I’m not doing it.” The time-out was scotched as soon as he read Mike Birbiglia’s script for Don’t Think Twice, a drama – with humor – about a group of young New York improv comics and the impact on their friendship when one of the gang makes the big time. Birbiglia, interviewed above with Key at Deadline’s Tribeca Studio at the Tribeca Film Festival, says he spent two years writing the script despite what appears to be an improvisational tone. “The rehearsal process was helpful to making it look improvised,” Key says.

Don’t Think Twice is Birbiglia’s follow-up to his Sundance debut Sleepwalk With Me, and stars, in addition to Birbiglia and Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Tami Sagher, and Chris Gethard. Blending drama and comedy, the new film investigates how one person’s success can complicate even the best friendships. Or as Key puts it, what happens when your dream comes true for someone else.

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