Movie Ticket Outlays Averaged $8.58 In Q1, +5.7%

Moviegoers paid premium prices to see films on large screens and in 3D in Q1 — helping to propel the average outlay to a new high for the quarter.

The National Association of Theatre Owners says the average ticket price hit $8.58, up 5.7% vs the same period in 2015. That’s lower than Q4’s $8.70, but well above the full 2015 average of $8.43.

The numbers go up when there’s an abundance of films that appeal to adults or play well in the higher-priced venues. The list of 3D pics in Q1 included Zootopia, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Kung Fu Panda 3.

In addition, the period included carryover sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Revenant.

Remember that NATO’s $8.58 figure represents the average outlay for all theaters and times, not just the prices for blockbusters at big-city venues on weekend nights.

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