‘The Infiltrator’ Trailer: Bryan Cranston Goes Undercover To Crack 1980s Cartel

Broad Green Pictures

It’s enough already with the blacklisted screenwriters, animated superheroes and giant-lizard-chasing scientists: Bryan Cranston is back to being a badass in the drug game. But this time the Breaking Bad ex-pat is on the right side of the law as he goes undercover to bust Pablo Escobar’s cartel in The Infiltrator. Here’s the first trailer for the flick, which is based on a true story and sees the erstwhile Walter White posing as a slick money-launderer in order to bring down drug lords — and the corrupt bankers who aided them.

“We need to send the message that drugs will not be tolerated,” First Lady Nancy “Just Say No” Reagan avers in 1986. So Cranston’s Bob Mazur is teamed with an impulsive and streetwise fellow fed (John Leguizamo) — “That dude’s nuts!” — and rookie agent posing as Mazur’s fiancée (Diane Kruger). He befriends Escobar’s top lieutenant Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt)and walks a tightrope within the vicious criminal network in which the slightest slip-up could cost him everything. Mazur is building a case that leads to indictments of dozens of drug lords and their crooked bankers and drives the collapse of one the largest money-laundering banks in the world.

Directed by Brad Furman and scripted by Ellen Brown Furman based on the real Robert Mazur’s book, the pic opens July 15. Check out the trailer — complete a taste of Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” — and tell us what you think.

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