MTV News Unveils Podcast Slate Featuring Amy Nicholson & More

MTV News announced its first podcast slate with the launch this week of  five new podcasts covering politics, pop culture, and music. The podcasts, which will record in both New York and Los Angeles, will be available via iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. More podcasts will be announced at a later date.

In addition, MTV News confirmed the hiring of MTV News Correspondent, journalist, label owner and Perfect Pussy front person Meredith Graves, founding member of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures NY and new Director of Daily Video Rachel Zarrell and podcast producers Mukta Mohan, Michael Catano, Jane Marie and Nate DiMeo.

Here’s a look at the new podcasts:

SKILLSET WITH AMY NICHOLSON: MTV News’ flagship film podcast in which Chief Film Critic Amy Nicholson talks to lawyers, barbers, musicians and cat-wranglers about movies and talks to actors about everything else. Amy’s first guests include Michael Shannon, Ethan Hawke, and Sharlto Copley.

NO REQUESTS LIVE: A weekly music-and-pop-culture roundtable show, with an all-star team of MTV News writers, contributors and friends reacting to all the breaking news of the week. Think of The McLaughlin Group, if everyone on The McLaughlin Group was obsessed with Beyoncé-leak rumors, Empire plot twists, and Soundcloud noise bands.

THE STAKES: A weekly political magazine show that attempts to make sense of the most insane election season of our young century, via contributions from MTV News’ entire Politics team, including Ana Marie Cox, Jamil Smith, Jane Coaston, Marcus Ellsworth, Kaleb Horton, and many more.

NORTH MOLLYWOOD: Living podcasting legends Molly Lambert (Grantland’s GIRLS IN HOODIES) and Alex Pappademas (DO YOU LIKE PRINCE MOVIES) share a studio for the first time, breaking down pop-cultural developments from a California perspective and becoming each other’s best friend (and yours).

SPEED DIAL WITH IRA & DOREEN: Ira Madison III and Doreen St Félix host MTV News’ first bi-coastal podcast on the subject of music, pop culture, sex, and race — presented as a late night phone call between friends with a laidback, R&B quiet storm vibe. It’s Brandy and Monica in “The Boy is Mine” video, but instead they’re friends and kicked Mehki Phifer’s ass to the curb.

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