History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before In ‘Time Traveling Bong’ – Tribeca Studio

Comedy Central

When we say the word miniseries, such programs as RootsThe Winds of War or even The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story come to mind. Along comes Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bongwhich will not only put a huge twist on the genre, man, but leave viewers quite hungry. The show was co-created by the Broad City team of EP/star Ilana Glazer, director/scribe Lucia Aniello and star/writer Paul Downs and follows cousins Jeff and Sharee (Downs and Glazer), who come into the possession of a time-traveling bong. Smoke it once, and it transports you back in time. Hit it again, you return to the present.

As described by Downs in our Tribeca Film Festival studio vid, Time Traveling Bong was spurred by something Glazer’s college professor told her: “‘If you went back in time, because of (the lack of) deodorant, plumbing and pasteurization, the past would smell really bad,’ and we said, ‘Well, ya know, if you were stoned and back in time, it would be almost impossible to deal with.'”

The three-episode miniseries kicks off, appropriately, on April 20 at 10:30PM following the Broad City finale. Part 2 airs on April 21 and the conclusion on April 22. Episode 1 takes the cousins back to 1691 Salem, MA, where the bong breaks down. Other trippy time zones ensue, i.e. prehistoric and Michael Jackson’s Gary, IN.

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