Stephen Colbert Teaches Hillary Clinton About Cheesecake As New Showrunner Debuts

Hillary Clinton Stephen Colbert

UPDATE with more details: On the eve of the New York primary, Hillary Clinton stopped by Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show last night. But the appearance was less Colbert and more a textbook slick late-night comedy bit, in which Clinton participated in a pre-taped out-of-theater bit about how to eat cheesecake in a media world that prays for images like Candidate Clinton’s Cheese-Caked Chin.

In this morning’s news cycle, political pundits including New York magazine contributing editor Chris Smith, spoke of the shtick as evidence the Clinton campaign is confident it’s going to win today’s New York primary and is “starting to pivot to the national side.”

Reporters Who Cover Television, meanwhile, used it as evidence of the immediate impact of Colbert’s new showrunner Chris Licht on Day 1. Licht move to Late Show from his gig as EP of CBS News’ CBS This Morning, which prides itself on being the least fluffy, most hard-news driven of the broadcast morning shows.

Other Late Show changes subject to navel lint gazing immediately after broadcast included the moving up of the show’s clever opening video, which meant less Colbert opening patter. Colbert’s opening has been ebbing and flowing since he debuted as David Letterman’s replacement, including the merciful scrapping of his opening hop-about with bandleader Jon Batiste. And, as we write, theses re no doubt being written by serious students of television at various universities about the meaning of the evolution of Colbert’s suits and hair style.

The highlight of last night’s show was the clever segment in which Sturgill Simpson and Colbert introduced Late Show’s new original Waffle House song, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Knuckleheads,” which Colbert challenged the restaurant chain to add to its all-waffle music repertoire:

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