Sky, Sony Pictures Television Set Multi-Year, Pan-European Movies Deal

In a first-of-its-kind deal for the partners, Sky and Sony Pictures Television have entered a multi-year, pan-European agreement to bring Sony films to Sky’s subscription and transactional services in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. The deal includes all new and future Sony titles with films becoming available a few months after their theatrical releases, and over a year ahead of any other subscription service, the partners said today.

This is Sky’s first multi-territory movie deal with a major Hollywood studio since creating Europe’s biggest single pay-TV operator in November 2014 which has about 21M subscribers. Sky also has deals in place with HBO and Showtime for TV content in its Euro hubs. Sky and its U.S.-based partners previously negotiated agreements on a territory-by-territory basis and the ability to make such content scale agreements as today’s was one of the drivers of the 2014 merger of Sky’s European businesses.

Sky’s European services include Sky Movies, Sky Cinema and Sky Film with content also available on mobile TV service, Sky Go. Transactional customers of Sky Store, Sky Select and Sky Primafila will further be able to rent and buy Sony’s new releases and library titles. Sky’s streaming services, NOW TV and Sky Online, are also included for films live and on demand.

The upcoming Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, Money Monster and Inferno are among new films to come under the Sony deal.

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