‘The Jungle Book’ Jumps To $138.6M; Passing $300M WW Today, ‘Batman v Superman’ At $829M WW – Intl B.O. Final


MONDAY UPDATE, Writethru: Disney’s The Jungle Book has roared louder than projected with weekend actuals coming in at $138.6M versus Sunday’s estimate of $136.1M. That takes the offshore total to $189.9M after two frames. Coupling the overseas haul with the wild domestic start, the worldwide total is $294.1M which sets it up to pass $300M today. After this weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is playing in 67 markets, has a total international cume $518M internationally and a global take of $829.3M. All final grosses are now in for films we are tracking in the international marketplace.

The live-action/CGI Jungle Book, meanwhile, started out in just 15 markets last weekend and swung into No. 1 in its expanded sophomore session in 49 territories. Boding well for the run, the four-quadrant pic is tracking +55% over Maleficent, +95% over Cinderella and +174% over Oz: The Great And Powerful. The Jon Favreau-helmed family adventure helped push Disney over the $2B global box office mark this weekend; the 15th consecutive year the studio has crossed the threshold.

Among the Jungle Book highlights is a $48.5M start in China which is down from the $50.3M estimated. The three-day is still the 3rd biggest launch ever for a Walt Disney live-action pic. Buzz was big as Baloo before the Middle Kingdom bow and came on the heels of another Disney affair that places animals at the heart of the action. Zootopia will now wind down its PROC run having grossed $234.2M to date.

The Jungle Book in India, meanwhile, is on a wild ride. With $21.2M after just 10 days it is already the 3rd highest-grossing Hollywood release ever in the market behind Furious 7 and Jurassic World. Although it came in behind the debut of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan this frame, it will soon surpass both F7 and JW to set a new record.

Rounding out the Top 5 of overseas plays for TJB are Russia with $14.6M, the UK at $14M and France at $8.1M.

There were no new major studio releases overseas as films continue to expand or wind down their runs, although Millennium’s Criminal took to some major markets and grossed $2M per comScore. In other significant titles, Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War is coming in at No. 2 amongst studio pics with $17.6M in 25 territories for a $43M total ahead of release in North America and China next frame. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice dropped down to 3rd place with $15.1M in 67 markets. That brings the overseas cume for the black- and red-caped superguys to $516M.

A word about SRK’s Fan from Yash Raj Films. This is a film that marks a departure for the star and sees him in dual roles as himself and a much younger character enhanced by the power of make-up and CGI. It opened on Friday in India and grossed $7.87M. (Also bowing well was Tamil title Theri, although confirmed figures are not yet available). Fan grossed $6M outside India, including scoring the biggest 2016 Bollywood debut in North America with $1.36M at 280 locations. Theri in North America picked up $925K.

Breakdowns on those and others are below with updates coming as actuals roll in:

junglebookchinaDisney’s update on its own 1967 animated film (based on the Rudyard Kipling classics) has an A CinemaScore domestically and is 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes which hasn’t left overseas markets indifferent where it grossed $138.6M in the sophomore outing. After bowing notably in Russia and India last frame, the new hubs this session included China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Brazil and Mexico while Australia went wide. The four-quadrant pic is hitting males, females, adults and families about evenly.

IMAX is a big component with a $20.4M global weekend, of which $10M comes from offshore on 525 screens. This sets a new April record for an international opening in the format and the best of all time for a PG-rated pic. Mowgli & Co will take the worldwide total to $21.5M by Sunday night and are expected to hold screens until Disney’s Captain America: Civil War begins international rollout at the end of this month. The standout IMAX markets include China with $5.1M at 279 auditoriums. That set a three-day weekend record for an April release. Notable averages include Sweden ($125K per screen), the UAE ($110K), Kuwait ($98K), and the Netherlands ($50K).

Approximately 63% of the international Kaa-ching came from 3D, led by China where it was 98% of the gross. That’s followed by Germany (83%), Brazil (73%), Russia (60%), Mexico (47%) and the UK (39%), per RealD.

Drilling down into specific markets, the UK ($14M) saw the 3rd biggest start of 2016 behind Deadpool and BvS. Saturday’s gross alone was bigger than the full opening weekends of both Cinderella and Oz. France ($8.1M) also sees the 3rd biggest opening weekend of 2016 to date, behind Deadpool and Zootopia. TJB is running 85% ahead of Maleficent there. The Saturday gross in Spain was the highest of the year. The cume there is $3.9M.

In Asia, The Jungle Book was again the No. 1 movie in all new opening markets. The China opening repped about 71% of the full weekend box office which included the launch of local thriller Lost In White in 3rd (itself dwarfed by the No. 2 film, London Has Fallen, which added a total estimate of $9M in 37 offshore markets for a $120M cume; full breakdown to come).

Elsewhere, Vietnam scored the biggest opening for a Disney live action movie (excluding Marvel). Both Australia and Russia, which opened last weekend, maintained the No. 1 spot for the second session in a row.

In Latin America, The Jungle Book kept swinging in No. 1 in all territories. Among the markets that bowed last weekend, the holds were fantastic: Chile (0% change), Bolivia (-6%), Colombia (-15%) and Argentina (-18%). Mexico bowed with $7.6M.

Going forward, The Jungle Book will see several weeks of unfettered play in the demo but will lose a portion of the boys when Cap arrives in threequel Civil War. It’s a Disney world, after all. For reference, Cinderella and Maleficent, which each had more holiday in their runs, wound up with $342M and $517M overseas, respectively.

There are a handful of markets opening next weekend with Korea to come on June 2 and Japan on August 11.

huntsmanDipping about 8% from its opening last weekend, Universal’s snowbound sequel added $17.8M in a total 25 territories. The offshore cume is now $43.18M as the domestic and Chinese releases loom next frame along with 36 more. This weekend’s highlights include No. 1 openings in Malaysia ($1.6M); the Philippines ($1.6M); and Singapore ($904K). Korea bowed at No. 3 behind two local films and the continued run of Zootopia. The weekend estimate is $2.1M at 343 dates. Russia opened at No. 2 with $2M at 1,208 dates; Germany held at No. 3 with $1.2M for an 11-day total of $3.1M. Mexico held at No. 2 with $1.1M for a 10-day total of $5.1M and the UK is down at No. 6 in its sophomore outing with a 10-day cume of $6.2M.

The lead markets on Snow White And The Huntsman were the UK at $24.3M, followed by Japan ($21.6M), Australia ($20.1M), France ($15.7M) and Germany ($15.3M). This has been an underwhelming start for The Huntsman which stars Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. It’s understood to be a less expensive film than SWATH, but buzz is not so hot and it’s having to fend off the four-quadrant appeal of The Jungle Book in some key plays while Captain America: Civil War is around the corner. (Part of the strategy of beginning the international rollout when Huntsman did was indeed to cover some ground before Cap lands.)

SWATH, which also starred Kristen Stewart who helped energize the base, ultimately took $240M overseas which would be about $190M in today’s dollars. There are still 40 markets to come on THWW (Japan is last on May 27), and some estimates right now have Huntsman at around $150M offshore when all is said and done. However, it has a confirmed China date whereas SWATH did not release there which could make some difference.

Gal Gadot Batman V. Superman Social MediaWith a 55% drop in its 4th frame overseas, BvS has an international cume of $518M after adding $15.3M. It is now the 6th biggest superhero film of all time and the top Warner Bros movie ever in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. It has, however, dropped out of the Top 10 in China where it will not cross $100M, currently standing at $95M.

Latin America as a region crossed $100M this session making BvS the No. 2 biggest WB movie ever there with $103M. In Brazil, the weekend was $2.2M on 1,049 screens for a cume of $31.7M. The superheroes flew past Star Wars: The Force Awakens to become the local industry’s 6th biggest movie of all time.

The UK has now passed $50M with $50.5M after taking an extra $1.4M this frame on 635 screens. France added $1.45M for $19.5M total to date. Germany finished the weekend with a $17.85M cume. In Japan, the total is now $14.7M; Australia is at $21.5M and Mexico has jumped to $35M. Other key totals include Korea $16.2M; Russia $12.2M; Italy $11.9M and Spain $11M.

zootopia 22Disney’s other animal extravaganza picked up a further $12.3M in its 10th weekend of overseas release. The international total is now $576.3M for a worldwide cume of $882.28M and before it hits Japan next session. Dis packed a one-two punch in the UK this session with Jungle Book at No. 1 followed by Zootopia (aka Zootropolis locally). The total there is now $29.5M which sees it surpass Tangled. The France score of $30.5M takes it past Inside Out in the market. It is the No. 1 movie of 2016. Korea continues apace with a fantastic $28M total; still in the Top 3 in week 9 amid a field of local films. The China run will now wind down after a two-week extension was granted what is now the biggest animated film ever in the Middle Kingdom with $234.2M and as Jungle Book comes on strong.

Kung Fu Panda 3DreamWorks Animation’s threequel still has mileage in it with another $7.78M from 5,818 screens in 66 markets this weekend. The Fox release now has an international cume of $355.6M. France saw a slight dip in its 3rd frame with $2.7M on 688 for a $12.16M total. Holland was a new play with $684K from 298.

Holds were good elsewhere across Europe and in Australia during school vacations.

Paramount’s JJ Abrams-produced spinoff abducted another $3.7M in 54 markets which included 12 new openers this frame. The international cume is now $31.4M. Mexico was the top start in the session landing at No. 4 with $708K at 676 dates. The result is 38% above Contagion and 29% below Cloverfield. Hong Kong opened at No. 2, grossing $422K at 34 sites for 6% above Contagion and 23% below Cloverfield. Argentina’s No. 5 opening delivered $240K from 100 cinemas. This is a market that has seen significant growth and the results reflect that with 10 Cloverfield Lane at 369% above Cloverfield, 108% above Contagion and 86% above Super 8. Cumes elsewhere include Brazil’s $1M; Venezuela’s $1M and Korea’s $2.4M. Rollout continues this month with Japan set for June 17.

Picking up another $3.2M from 61 markets, the box office for the YA film in the Lionsgate franchise is now $87.7M internationally. The picture opened in Australia this weekend to a No. 3 showing behind the debuts of both box office king The Jungle Book and the Melissa McCarthy-starring comedy The Boss.

The top-grossing markets for Allegiant continues to be France ($13.8M), followed by Brazil ($6.9M), the U.K. ($6.4M), Russia ($6M) and Mexico ($5.1M). Worldwide, the film has grossed $151.7M. It has yet to play in two big markets — South Korea and China. The first in the series, Divergent ended up grossing $137.9M internationally. The second installment grabbed $167M abroad. Korea comes on May 11 and China on May 20.

The BossMelissa McCarthy took her act to nine more markets this frame for a $2.5M weekend in a total 17. The international cume is now $3.95M. Combined with the estimated U.S. and Canada total of $40.1M, the worldwide total is $44M. The Boss debuted at No. 2 in Australia; the good opening of $1.7M at 241 dates came in behind the Jungle Book juggernaut. The Boss opened at a similar level to comps Identity Thief and Horrible Bosses 2. This is a holiday period in 50% of the country and counts a long weekend next session for Anzac Day. The comedy has 34 more international releases over the next few months. Germany and the Netherlands are next on deck. Although female-led comedy can be a tough sell overseas, McCarthy’s popularity has been on the rise offshore where her best markets tend to be the UK, Australia and Germany. Even flatliner Tammy made 43% of its offshore total in the latter market.

Hardcore Henry MovieHARDCORE HENRY
STX’s POV gamer pic added 12 international markets including France, Germany and Italy slotting $1.8M for the weekend. The international cume is $4.9M from over 2,137 locations. Italy bowed on Wednesday with a weekend estimate of $411K. That was followed by France with $179K from 101. Germany took $387K for the weekend and Denmark has $24K. In its 2nd frame, Russia picked up another $468K for a $2M total thus far. The UK has now cumed $550K; it’s still playing in 315 locations.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2
With no new openings this frame, the Universal sequel grossed an estimated $1.3M in 23 territories for a total of $26.6M. The global cume to date is $78.8M. Australia is the top market with a weekend gross of $688K at 255 dates for a strong 25-day total of $10.8M (the first film wrapped up there with just over $15M). There are two territories still to release: Argentina and Chile on May 5.


Eddie The Eagle (FOX): $982K weekend; $8.97M international cume
The Revenant (FOX): $577K weekend; $336.9M int’l cume (Japan opens Friday)
Hail Caesar (UNI): $314K weekend; $31.8M int’l
The Witch (UNI): $236K weekend; $7.1M int’l cume

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