Matinees Solid After ‘The Jungle Book’s $4.2M, ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’s $735K — Friday Box Office

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UPDATED, 12:51 PM: Matinee numbers are rolling in and The Jungle Book is on track right now to gross around $25M today (that includes the impressive $4.2M it brought in last night) for a high $70M three-day gross. The well-reviewed PG-rated adventure film from Disney should pick up steam as the weekend progresses with tomorrow being a strong family moviegoing day. Meanwhile, the PG-13 rated Barbershop: The Next Cut is still in line with estimates right now for a nice three-day opening in the high $20Ms with a possible shot at $30M. Matinees are said to be playing very strong today and Sunday should see a lesser percentage decline than other films in the marketplace.

PREVIOUSLY, 8:20 AM: Disney’s The Jungle Book is off and running hauling in a huge $4.2M in Thursday night previews that started at 7 PM. By comparison, Cinderella posted $2.3M on its Thursday run and ended up with a $67.8M three-day gross after a $22.9M Friday. The darker Maleficent (which also pulled in more of the boy demo) also grabbed $4.2M on Thursday and went onto chalk up $24.3M on Friday for a $69.4M three day. But Maleficent bowed in the summer holiday on May 30, 2014.

In advance ticket sales, ‘The Jungle Book is outpacing Cinderella, Maleficent and Oz: the Great and Powerful (per Fandango). Could an $80M weekend be in the offing? We wouldn’t be surprised. Word of mouth is going to give this one long legs and it has space before Disney/Marvels’ Captain America: Civil War comes into the market on May 6. Disney can do no wrong this year so far.

The Jon Favreau adventure twist on the old Disney classic just crushed all competition as it heads into a big weekend for the studio; it’s also opening day and date today in a number of big markets around the globe, including China. So far it’s made $57.1M abroad which means it heads into the weekend already having made $61.3M.

Its gross will be boosted by the fact that it will be debuting on 830+ Imax screens, 376 of those in the U.S. It also has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and is getting fantastic reviews across the country.

Other comps for The Jungle Book are Oz: The Great and Powerful which had a later 9 PM start when it opened in 2013 to take $2M on Thursday in previews before grabbing a $24.1M Friday. It opened the weekend with an impressive $79.1M. Zootopia opened to $1.7M for a $19.5M Friday and also capped the three-day weekend at $75.1M.

The Jungle Book has a strong Social Media Universe of 115.6M, composed of is made up of 35.7M Facebook fans, 8.2M Twitter followers, 5.5M Instagram followers and more than 66.2M YouTube views.

This new version of the classic tale, complete with impressive special effects and a well known cast lending their voices to the mix, is strong in its activity, too. Even though the earned-owned ratio on Jungle Book is a somewhat modest 4:1, there are numerous YouTube videos with strong view counts which is a indicator of audience interest.

The cast is not necessarily active, and there were few notable materials. But, the conversation analysis from RelishMix indicates a very positive perception of the film. Also, Disney has 30M fans built in to its social footprint to leverage and strong video views heading into opening weekend.

As we saw with Deadpool, Zoolander 2 and some other recent releases, Jungle Book applied a 360 video experience where the viewer plays the part of Mowgli and has to adjust the settings to see the giant King Louie talking to them. Later in the clip, Bill Murray as Baloo comes in and you, the viewer, have to adjust again to see him. It’s definitely resonating with the audience, as the clip received 1.4M views so far, and over 27K shares.

The Jungle Book’s stars are lightly social, posting a small amount of material leading to this weekend’s premiere. Both Idris Elba and Lupita Nyong’o have shared only a couple of different posts related to the film. While Elba is the social star with 6.2M fans/followers, director Favreau has actually posted the most compelling material and consistently.

The rest of the cast, from Bill Murray to Ben Kingsley is either non-social, or with a small social footprint. If there is any controversy, it’s over the casting of Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, the serpent.  Some feel that’s a role a man should have played, so it’s getting a fair amount of conversation.

#Barbershop, #BarberShopTheNextCut and #BarberShopMovie spiked heavily on Friday up to 12.2K combined hashtags on Twitter and Instagram driven most by co-star Nicki Minaj who has 20M followers on Twitter and another 52.3M on Instagram. #JungleBook leapt to 3.2K combined hashtags with a cross-promotional boost from Pretty Little Liars Instagram while #CriminalMovie is in the 1K range.

Barbershop: The Next Cut

Barbershop: The Next Cut grabbed $735K in late nights that started last night early to get in an extra round of screenings across the country at 5 P.M. Since the last installments of the franchise opened in 2002 and 2004, there are no true comps for late nights. Thursday previews began in 2012 as a way to counter any security issues after the massacre in Cinemark’s theater after the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. The Best Man Holiday opened to $689K (albeit later on Thursdays at 7 PM) for Universal to take $30.1M for the three-day when it opened in November of 2013.

Barbershop: The Next Cut from MGM/New Line/Warner Bros could bring in a three-day in the high-$20Ms. The PG-13 movie can thank any opening they get to a dedicated cast that is working hard to promote their film. On Facebook, there are multiple video clips of Ice Cube, Common and many other cast and crew members traveling across the country to Texas, Chicago and other locations to visit local barbershops. The film has garnered mostly positive reviews which is great news for the third in the franchise.

In terms of social media, it is exceptional. The picture has a big Social Media Universe of 208M. The Next Cut’s SMU is made up of 87.7M Facebook fans, 44.6 Twitter followers, 66.4 Instagram followers, and more than 9.3M YouTube views, according to RelishMix. However, YouTube total views and daily views are pretty light, less than 10M. Conversation indicates that fans are excited to see the film and its immense cast, but moderate daily views and a small EOR reposting ratio suggests that this third film in the series might be challenged to find large appeal among moviegoers.

barbershop-the-next-cut_612x380Nicki Minaj is bringing 115.5M fans/followers to the SMU all by herself, but even with her, the film still has an SMU of 92.5. In fact, Minaj is the overwhelming social star of Barbershop, boasting 115.5M fans/followers across all her channels. To put this in perspective, she herself matches the entire SMU of Disney’s The Jungle Book.

At the same time, Minaj is also polarizing – fans either can’t wait to see Barbershop because of her, or they’re avoiding the film because of her presence.

But, along with Ice Cube (19M fans/followers), Common (7M) and other co-stars like Cedric the Entertainer, Anthony Anderson and R&B performers Eve and Tyga, Barbershop: The Next Cut might be one of the most socially active casts in recent memory, says RelishMix Each one of the cast members either has Barbershop as their masthead, or plenty of materials from the film or premiere posted throughout their pages.

Fans area saying they are happy to see another entry in the Barbershop series. They love Ice Cube and want to see how he performs with Common and the other cast members. To the cast’s credit, fans are discussing them much more than any plot points.


CriminalWe are still awaiting late night numbers from Criminal which opened for previews last night at 7 PM. So while we wait for the Lionsgate/Millennium Films to report, we’ll take a look at its social media ranking:

Criminal has a moderate Social Media Universe of 30.7M, made up of 17M Facebook fans, 3.8M Twitter followers, 5.7 Instagram followers and only 4.2M YouTube views.

The title of the film may be most challenging to the YouTube views, as a search of “Criminal movie” results in all kinds of clips. Regardless, the film is also challenged by a cast that is mostly not social or in the wings. The conversation for the film is also light, says RelishMix, as fans are a bit confused by the plot points and suspicious of Costner’s role as a “tough guy.”

The social star of the film is Gal Gadot, who recently played Wonder Woman in BVS, and co-stars as Kevin Costner’s love interest. In addition to her 9.3M fans/followers, action star Scott Adkins brings almost 4M and Kevin Costner over half a million.

While all of these cast members are actively posting Criminal related materials, Ryan Reynolds is still in Deadpool mode, posting exclusively items related to that film. Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Oldman, Alice Eve and the other co-stars are non-social. The conversation is lukewarm at best.  There are plenty of snarky comments asking why Deadpool is in a film with Costner, and “is this a JFK anniversary project?” But, the action and huge cast is resonating with other fans, who are excited to see how the plot plays out. There are also comparisons between Costner and Liam Neeson, who is also an aging star who is still able to kick some ass.

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