In A World Where Premium Day & Date VOD Threatens, Nicolas Winding Refn Sides With Cinema Owners – CinemaCon

Neon Demon Release Date
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On the day that Nicolas Winding Refn’s film The Neon Demon was selected to play at the Cannes Film Festival, the Drive director beamed into Amazon Studios lunch to give his support to cinema owners. Several times this week, many filmmakers and industryites on state here at Las Vegas have winked and knocked The Screening Room, without mentioning it by name. This morning James Cameron at 20th Century Fox’s sesh thumbed down the premium VOD service, which is in backrooms at the confab vying to make its pitch to cinema operators.

“Even though we are in turbulent times with distribution, there will always be cinema,” said Refn seriously then quipping, “It’s where we go to be with the seniors who buy discounted tickets.”

“People can be depressing to lissten to in terms of the future, but there will always be cinema. All of you who own cinemas, you’re not just showing great films, you’re showing experiences that make up our lives. That’s the power of being together and experiencing film togther. If I can help you, I’m there.”

Refn said when The Neon Demon is released, he’ll travel the country road show style with the movie with his leading lady Elle Fanning in tow. Amazon marketing and distribution chief mentioned how Refn was reared on French New Wave by his parents. “You know me, I’m a cinema lover. I was born in a cinema, I’m from a cinema family,” said the Drive director.

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