‘Containment’ Review: The CW’s Deadly Virus Series Just Not Infectious

The CW

Debuting on April 19 on the CW, Containment is just not very infectious television. Based on a Belgian series, the 13-episode drama details the outbreak of a deadly and fast spreading virus in Atlanta, that quickly sees the home of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention turned into a divided city with an isolated quarantine zone.

No surprise that leads to families, friends and vital knowledge being separated as disorder, clampdowns and perhaps a larger conspiracy are at work as well. Even with the stakes that high, part of the predicament in the Julie Plec and David Nutter EP’d series, as I say in my video review above, is that it lacks the thrills and tension that fuel similar end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it shows like AMC’s still compelling blockbuster The Walking Dead.

So much of the often overly methodical midseason Containment happens in what feels like almost real time. As I also say in my video review, that’s a nice tactic but one that soon plays itself out as the series from The Vampire Diaries co-creator and the Emmy winning Game Of Thrones and Arrow director moves to the point where it needs a strategy in this modern day Hell on Earth.

With an ensemble case led by David Gyasi and Claudia Black of The Originals, there just seems to be too many moving parts and too little actually happening – even as the latest Middle East turmoil with Syrian and ISIS elements and the safety and threat of the security state are part of the mix.

So, click on my video review of Containment and take a look – tell us what you think of this sick world.

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