Sue Fleishman Hired At Newly Formed Amblin Partners To Head Communications

Amblin Partners
Amblin Partners

EXCLUSIVE: Longtime corporate communications executive Sue Nahley Fleishman is taking the reins at Amblin Partners as head of communications and will be responsible for all internal and external communications. Jasmine Madatian, who had worked for DreamWorks for the past two years in a similar post, is relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to her family. Madatian informed her bosses at Amblin in January of her plans to move.

Fleishman is an old pro, having worked at three studios during  her career. The move comes after Steven Spielberg and his DreamWorks company pacted with Participant Media, the Reliance Group and Entertainment One (eOne) to produce content through a new entity called Amblin Partners. Under terms of that agreement, Amblin Partners is developing and will be producing films for three labels: Amblin, DreamWorks and Participant. Hence, a newly created post. Fleishman will responsible for not only communications between labels but also coordinating among media.

She will report to CEO Michael Wright and Co-CEO Jeff Small and work with Marvin Levy, who has been with Spielberg for many years. The communications team now includes VP Publicity Kristin Stark and manager of publicity Mary Hulett. They all will work with the senior executive team at Amblin, which includes President of Production Holly Bario and Co-Presidents of Television and Darryl Frank Justin Falvey. She also will work with producer Kristie Macosko Krieger.

Fleishman, who had long been at Warner Bros and before that at Universal Studios, had been handling public affairs and media for a variety of clients before taking this gig through her own company September Media. In her previous stints at Warners and Universal, Fleishman oversaw and coordinated the studios’ corporate communication strategies and public affairs. She started her career in New York before heading west to land at Universal in 1995 and worked there until she segued to Warner Bros. in 2005 as EVP Corporate Communications. Early in her career she also worked at Sony Corp. of America in a communications capacity.

Madatian, another well-respected communications executive, had worked at DreamWorks for two years and led the effort to rebrand DreamWorks Studios to Amblin Partners. She has a keen understanding of the importance of brand strategy and previously held PR posts at Disney, Paramount and Fox as well as corporate communications for the Oscars. She has worked with some of the industry’s most powerful executives in helping them craft a communications strategy in senior leadership roles.

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