Facebook CEO Looks To Expand Live Video In Newsfeeds And VR

Ready to show your friends live videos from remote cameras — for example on a drone —  or play virtual ping pong with someone across the country? Even if you aren’t, many people will be excited by changes like these Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today in a keynote at the company’s F8 Developer Conference.

He’s eager to promote video on the social networking platform. Last week the company introduced Facebook Live, offering  users the ability to add live video streams to their news feeds.

“We’re seeing TV stars get bigger audiences on Live than they get in their TV shows,” Zuckerberg said today.

The next step it to enable people to present videos from cameras not attached to their smartphones. Facebook says it will offer a Live video API for developers who want to work on that.

To illustrate, the company presented live video from a flying drone.

Zuckerberg also talked up opportunities to expand virtual or augmented reality which he says “has the potential to be the most social platform.”

He said that people have watched 2 million hours of video via the Gear VR headsets. And he hopes to make the experience more personal at some point this year by selling controllers that enable users to put their hands into the experiences they’re watching through the goggles.

That will “add a whole new layer of immersion,” for example by enabling people in different locations to play VR games. “You’ll be able to pick things up and give them to other people.”

Facebook is working on a “whole new set of experiences across our VR platforms.”

Eventually he believes people will be able to have VR and augmented experiences using what appear to be ordinary glasses.

“A lot of things we think of as physical objects, like a TV for displaying an image, will be $1 apps in an AR app store,” he says. He acknowledges that it will take time to develop that, but it’s part of the company’s 10-year game plan.

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