Having survived both CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert and, more recently, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s camp feels he’s ready to discuss New York “values” with NBC’s Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on the eve of that state’s GOP primary. The show has booked Cruz for Thursday which, in one of those incredible coincidences, is the same night of CNN’s “Who’s More New York” Democratic debate with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Texas Senator’s appearance will mark his first visit to The Tonight Show.

Cruz created headlines less than two weeks ago when he made his very first visit to Kimmel’s show and made a “death threat” against Donald Trump  – at least, that’s what a Trump staffer charged the next day.  It all started when Cruz followed a Kimmel guest who had showed viewers how to scare a pal on April Fool’s Day by taping a photo of Trump to the back of the pal’s car, covering the back-up camera. When Kimmel asked Cruz if he liked President Obama or Trump better, the candidate replied, “If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse, and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I’d push.”

“If he wasn’t Ted Cruz, he probably would be reported and investigated by the Secret Service,” blasted Karen Giorno, identified by CNN as Southeast regional director for the Trump campaign.