‘Broad City’ Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson Tease Finale ‘Jews On A Plane’ & Season 4 – The Contenders

This piece contains some spoilers about Broad City’s season 3 finale and season 4

Comedy Central’s Broad City creators and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson came to Deadline’s TV Contenders with a little reveal in regards to the future of their notorious twentysomething party girls. Comedy Central announced a two season pick-up for the fourth and fifth series back in January. Talking about the season three finale “Jews on a Plane” which is scheduled to air on April 20, Glazer says it’s about the duo “bottled up on a plane, serving up some Airplane.” Added Jacobson, “We’re going to Israel. The girls go on Birth Right, but we’re going to call it Birth Mark where there’s all the sex and drinks. We shot it out here in Los Angeles, Seth Green is in it and he’s amazing. It’s a very different Broad City episode.” Whether parts of their trip play into season 4 is still TBD.

In regards to Season 4, and this is big deal for Jacobson and Glazer, it will be shot during the winter in New York City. Typically the series shoots in the summer. Glazer beamed, “It’s going to be so painful and exciting. Imagine if Lockout happened in the winter!” For Jacobson, the angle provides something fresh, “It’s a totally different landscape for the show.”

In regards to whether their on-screen alter egos would ever do an episode that’s set in Los Angeles, the duo figure that won’t happen since their characters aren’t in the business. Said Glazer, “But it would be funny to do a Seinfeld New York version that’s bizarro, but we’re not going to do that either.”

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