Fuse Hosts ‘Zoombies’ World TV Premiere


Fuse says it will air the “world television premiere” of Zoombies, from Sharknado producers The Asylum, on May 13 – Friday the 13.

The digital and satellite network that says it targets the Latino and multicultural 18-34 audience will unveil the zombie-fest at 10 PM ET. It kicks off a weekend-long “Scary AF” marathon of horror movies, also including Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D; The Devil’s Tomb; 247º; Pathology and Vampire Bats.

“After an exhaustive worldwide search for the perfect mash-up of Walking Dead, Sharknado and We Bought a Zoo, we’ve found our undead-animal-zombies-in-a-zoo masterpiece,” insists Kathryn Mitchell, Head of Content Strategy, Acquisitions and Research for Fuse in today’s announcement.

For the unitiated, Zoombies goes something like this: Just days before the Eden Wildlife Zoo’s grand reopening, a monkey begins exhibiting signs of a strange virus that makes the animal extremely aggressive. When an effort to save the monkey fails, it returns to life as a zombie monkey, killing its handlers and biting and freeing the other monkeys. As the freshly-zombified animals attack the other exhibits, the whole zoo becomes overrun with undead creatures, and the few zookeepers left alive have a terrifying realization: they must stop the outbreak before the creatures reach the birds of prey exhibit – if the birds become zombified and escape, they will threaten the world as we know it.

Zoombies  stars Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, Marcus Anderson (The Blacklist), Kim Nielsen (My Haunted House) and scores of animal zombies.

From The Asylum (3-Headed Shark Attack, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Little Dead Rotting Hood), Zoombies is directed by Glenn R. Miller from a screenplay written by Scotty Mullen.

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