Melissa McCarthy Will Try To ‘Boss’ Around ‘BvS’ At Box Office; Will ‘Hardcore Henry’ Sway Audiences? — Preview

Universal Pictures/STX Entertainment

Melissa McCarthy will flex her comedy muscle again this weekend as her new film The Boss is going up against the third weekend of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It enters into the marketplace as Batman v Superman is starting to lose screens — this after dropping 69% in its sophomore weekend to take in $51.8M. The question this weekend (as it was in its second frame) is how big the drop will be yet again? Right now we are hearing the superheroes are tracking around $27M to $28M with The Boss expected to gross somewhere in the low-to-mid $20Ms — around $24M. However, one veteran distribution exec said: “It might end up closer than some people think.”

The Boss is a R-rated so its going to play a bit older and also plays older female. The best comp for this one is Tammy which opened to $21.5M two years ago, albeit on the July 4th holiday. The Boss was also done by the comedian and her husband. Tammy ended its domestic run at $84.5M. If Boss clocks in with a mid-$20M three-day, it could at least be nipping at the capes of the superheroes. It goes into previews on Thursday at 7 PM.

Hardcore Henry from STX Entertainment is the other new opener this weekend. And here’s the big issue on this R-rated action thriller. It is an in-your-face, first-person camera tilta-whirl that had exhibitors telling us they were afraid people were going to get sick in their theaters. This one has been firmly positioned toward gamers, but will they come? The picture has some risk for STX in that they took it off the market in a bidding war in Toronto a couple of years ago for $10M. Once in pocket, the company started selling foreign rights. We’ve heard various numbers on what their exposure is after sales (under $2M to around $5M, when you add in marketing costs). Look for a $7M to $10M take this weekend.

The best comp — if there really is one for this one-of-a-kind picture — is closest to John Wick which opened to $14.1M in the fall of 2014. Another comp is Hitman: Agent 47 which grossed $8.3M in August of last year. Hardcore Henry is going to be on over 3,000 runs which will include 200 large-format screens. It has previews tonight at 9 PM.

Also up is Demolition the black comedy/love story from Dallas Buyers Club and Wild filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. This R-rated film is debuting from Fox Searchlight in a moderate run this weekend in about 800 theater (or more) and may end up pulling up $2.5M to $3M+. Previews will start at 7 PM.

Overall, this is expected to be a quiet weekend. The rumblings don’t come until next weekend when  Disney unleashes Jon Favreau’s live action The Jungle Book which is tracking to open at around $70M (and that’s over a week out) and already has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. Barbershop 3 will also debut from Warner Bros. to somewhere in the high $20Ms.

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